Where Are Buck Knives Made In The World?

Buck Knives are one of the most popular knives out there but the question here is –

Do you Know Where are buck knives made?

Fueled by faith and a lot of determination, the original Buck Knife started out with the humble Model 110 Folding Hunter Knife back in 1964 to become one of America’s most revolutionary knife brands today.

With the breakthrough in their folding locking system, Buck Knives is probably one of the most famous and reputable knife companies out there.

Buck is renowned for their durability, reliability and elegant simplicity and produces some of the best knives ever made.

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More about American Made Buck Knives:

Buck Knives is a 4 generation family business that thrives on always bringing the public the best in quality and durability. The thing that sets Buck Knives apart is that all their knives are hand crafted with the finest workmanship and all come with a Forever Warranty!

Yes, FOREVER warranty! Their knives are all warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the knife lives, and if something goes wrong, they’ll replace your Buck Knife! It pretty much goes without saying that the knives are not warranted against misuse and normal wear and tear.

What Buck Knife to choose?

Because they have such an extensive collection of knives on offer, choosing just one can be a task that seems a little overwhelming. Typically you need to determine:

  • How you’ll use your knife
  • What features you’ll need to have on the knife
  • What material would you like your knife to be made of
  • What safety features you expect to get

Different Buck Knife Models

Buck Knives come in many shapes and sizes; let’s look at what’s on offer:

  • The Fixed Blade Knife – this is a sturdy and dependable knife that’s always ready for use
  • The Folding Knife – These knives are compact and great to carry along with you wherever you go
  • The Thick Blade Knife – These knives are for heavy duty tasks
  • The Lightweight Knife – These knives are super lightweight to carry around and great for popping into your pocket when heading outdoors
  • The Gut Hook Knife – These knives are essential for field dressing and game skinning purposes

The Saw Tooth Knife – If you’re a hunter, you’ll want to have one of these because they’re great for cutting through wood or bone.

And then there’s the type of blade steels…

Do you opt for corrosion-resistant or edge-retention? Edge-retention or a great sharpening ability? There are almost always tradeoffs when it comes to choosing the blade steel of your knife. Here’s what Buck Knives has on offer:


Buck Hood Hoodlum 10inch 5160 Carbon Steel Fixed Blade

5160 Steel

                Check it out! >>          


Spring Steel is great at absorbing shock, so it’s super durable


Kershaw Skyline Stonewashed Folder Sandvik 13C26 Stainless Chromium Steel

13C26 SANDVIK Steel

                Check it out! >>          


This steel gives you great edge retention and it’s also more durable and stronger. It’s a little difficult to re-sharpen this blade yourself, but it’s nonetheless a great steel choice if you need great performance.


Buck Ranger Skinner Ebony Dymondwood Handle 420HC steel blade

420HC Steel

                Check it out! >>          


This is the standard blade material for Buck Knives (if you don’t customize your knife) and gives you the same wear resistance as high carbon alloys, but it’s still super corrosion resistant. These blades are easy to re-sharpen by yourself and have a high durability


Buck Knives (S30V) 0088RWSHH Family Traditional Adrenaline

S30V Steel

                Check it out! >>          


This steel contains Carbon, Chromium, Molybdenum and Vanadium. Considered one of the best blade steels out there, this steel has great edge retention, high ductility and it’s also corrosion resistant. The only catch on this one is that you’ll have to send it in to have it re-sharpened.


Buck Knives 0830BKS-B Marksman Folding Knife

154CM Steel

                Check it out! >>          


If you need the best edge retention, great corrosion resistance and a tool that’s fit for heavy cutting jobs, you’ll want to consider the 154CM steel.

Custom Buck Knives

As if the wide variety Buck Knives has on offer isn’t enough already (they’ve got an unbelievable 157 knives on offer), you have the freedom to customize some of their knife models to your liking. You can design it just the way you like it with its own unique materials, treatments, blade steels and options for bolsters and engraving!

Some of their most popular customizable knives are:

  • The 110 Folding Hunter Knife
  • The 112 Ranger Knife
  • The 113 Ranger Skinner Knife
  • The 501 Squire Knife
  • The 503 Prince Knife
  • The 505 Knight Knife

Did you know?

Buck Knives manufacture a pretty awesome fish filleting knife, which has been ranked as one of the best out there.


Buck Knives is a legendary name that has been bringing out the best in the business when it comes to anything and everything knife related. With their wide variety and superior quality, this American knife manufacturer is set to survive the test of time. When will you take the plunge and invest in a Buck?

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