Victorinox Cutlery 8-Inch Granton Edge Butcher Knife, Black Fibrox Handle

Victorinox Butcher Knives – Why They’re So Special

The ultimate guide to butcher knives

I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you already know what the best quality kitchen knives are. You’re clued up on the topic of super sharp knives and know the difference between a boning and a utility knife. That’s great. But how much do you know about butcher knives? More specifically, Victorinox Butcher Knives?

Let me level with you: 

I didn’t even give a second though to a butcher knife until I found myself up to my elbows in a piece of meat I had been trying to process, but ended up ruining at the end due to the fact that I didn’t have the right tool to do the job with.

The Butcher Knife Look… 

To my surprise I discovered that a lot of people actually believe they can use a chef’s knife for cutting large chunks of meat (I was relieved to know I wasn’t the only village fool).

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The truth is that chef’s knives are lightweight, and was designed primarily for slicing and dicing whereas a butcher knife was designed for…well butchering meat.

Butcher knives look like scimitars, and the tip isn’t nearly as tapered as the chef’s knife. It kind of goes without saying that quality butcher knives are forged not stamped, because they need to be able to handle the punch by being sturdier and heavier.

What makes Victorinox so great at producing butcher knives? 

You might recognize the name for their super famous invention, the Swiss Army Knife, but they have over 300 knives on offer, making them one of the top-rated knife manufacturers in the world.

Victorinox Butcher Knives – The Standards

Although they offer quite the variety when it comes to butcher knives, all of the butcher knives from Victorinox share a few similarities. Here are my top reasons for using this brand only when it comes to butcher knives:

  • They’re all big enough, giving you more than enough blade length to get the job done with precision
  • They have ergonomic handles, with intelligently laid out shapes and contours in all the right places, ensuring utmost comfort while using the knives
  • They’re all made with exceptional quality steel that can be easily sharpened if and when needed, seeing that the edge retention on these knives fall somewhere between great and totally amazing.
  • They all come with seriously impressive initial sharpness straight out of the box

Got that? Okay great, now comes the interesting part. As part of my “learning curve” I treated myself to a few butcher knife testers, and I can safely say that the Victorinox brand came in as one of the best in its class, leaving the other brands pretty far behind in the run for the title of the best butcher knife.

Victorinox Butcher Knives – Reviews


12 Inch Straight Butcher Knife

Pro: I loved the Fibrox NSF approved handle (which by the way is a feature on ALL their butcher knives)

Con: it’s a BIG knife, especially for a woman

The deal:

With its ground blade and wider point, this beast of a knife handles separating cuts like its child’s play. I really appreciated the high-carbon steel used for manufacturing the knife because it gives it a nice heft and also ups the durability factor.

Victorinox Cutlery 12-Inch Straight Butcher Knife


6 Inch Semi-Stiff Boning Knife 

Pro: lightweight and comfortable to use

Con: stiffness can get in the way of reaching in to cut out fine bones

If you need to easily cut through bones and cartilage, I wouldn’t recommend any other brand for a boning knife. A great perk is the fact that it will also easily cut through meats for general slicing purposes.

Forschner 6 Inch Semi Stiff Knife


8 Inch Granton Edge 

Pro: lightweight

Con: a tad bit pricey when compared to competitor models

I’d happily recommend this one for the BBQ fanatic. It’s an absolute must have item when you’re cooking up a storm outside and allows you to easily slice through bigger cuts of meat with the utmost of ease.

Victorinox Cutlery 8-Inch Granton Edge Butcher Knife, Black Fibrox Handle


10 Inch Straight Granton 

Pro: compact and very sturdy

Con: it’s a little bit on the heavy side

The 10 inch butcher knife is the perfect fit suitable for everyday use in the kitchen. I love the fact that (just like all the other models) the 10 inch is super sharp and will hold its edge like nothing else.

Victorinox Butcher Straight Granton Fibrox Pro Handle, 10", Black


10 Inch Curved Cimeter

Pro: good for slicing long, even strokes of meat

Con: this is a stamped knife

Although I wouldn’t recommend it for everyday household tasks (because it’s really BIG), the 10 Inch Curved Cimeter is perfect for cutting up huge pieces of meat and will easily go through soft bone without twitching.

Victorinox Cutlery 10-Inch Curved Cimeter Knife, Granton Edge, Black Fibrox Handle


What this all boils down to is simple: All of the butcher knives from Victorinox offer you exceptional quality and it’s as if they thrive on slashing through massive chunks of meat. I love their ease of use, the awesome value you get for the money and the peace of mind that your knife is probably going to outlive you!

Be sure to check back in soon and see what my thoughts are on German Chef Knives and the reason why you should have invested in one…yesterday!

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