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Our Top 5 Picks Of The Best Switchblades

When it comes to knife usage, speed and dependability makes all the difference in the world, which is where the Automatic / Switchblade knives come in handy!

So what is a Switchblade?

Switchblades are knives with long folding or sliding blades that are contained in their handles. The handles are opened by a spring button or lever on the grip when pressed, which then releases the blade.

Our Top 5 Picks of The Best Switchblades

Switchblades are serious tools, which is why they’re usually reserved for military and Law Enforcement professionals only. That being said, we’ve drawn together some of the best switchblades on the market today, so if you’re looking for a great one, let this be the start (and hopefully end) of your search.

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1) The Authentic Switchblade Knife

From the military line Gerber tools, the DMF (Dual Multi-Function) Switchblade is all about the ambidextrous ability of this knife. The deployment button on this model is accessible on both sides, which means it’s perfect for left and right hand use.

Made from S30V steel, this knife was made with durability in mind and is also super corrosion-resistant. The great thing about the handle on this knife is the fact that it’s made of G10, which gives you a solid grip without weighing you down.

Want to know more about Gerber knives?

Gerber DMF Automatic Switchblade Knife

Gerber DMF Automatic Knife


2) The Cheap Switchblade Knife

Spyderco is probably one of the most reputable Automatic Knife producers out there, and their Embassy Auto is no exception to the rule! We love the fact that this switchblade is rather affordable, but still looks and performs top notch.

The Wharncliffe shaped blade really catches the eye and is perfectly rounded off with an aluminium handle.  We love the safety features on this model such as the release button being recessed into the handle (so no accidental deployment) and the additional safety locks.

Spyderco Embassy Black SwitchBlade Knife

Spyderco Embassy Automatic Knife


3)  The Big Bad Boy Switchblade

Featuring and aggressive upswept scimitar-like blade, this switchblade is quite unique with its side opening feature. The grip you get on the handle is pretty darn solid thanks to the raised ridges, which is also one of this knife’s most distinguishing features.

This knife is great for left or right hand users thanks to its safety button that can be depressed from either side.

Benchmade 8600 Auto Bedlam - The Big Bad Boy Switchblade

Benchmade 8600 Auto Bedlam


4)  The Cheap Switchblade

If you’re budget is tight but you still want to get your hands on a pretty realistic automatic knife, the SOG TAC is your answer. Okay so it’s BIG but it has a slim profile, making it suitable for carrying along with you for everyday tasks.

Made from AUS-8, the blade (when sharpened to the right edge) can be razor sharp and perform like nobody’s business. SOG TAC is a great choice for the budget conscious buyer who doesn’t mind using a sharpening stone every now and then to keep the knife in tip top shape.

If you’re opting for this switchblade, you might want to invest in a great sharpening stone as well.

SOG-TAC Automatic Switchblade knife

SOG TAC Automatic Knife


5)  The Stiletto Switchblade

This is about as close as you’ll get to the fine quality Italian Stiletto Switchblades are renowned for. Pro-Tech is a family owned business that produces their fine quality knives in small batches as to ensure the best possible quality.

We’ve got to admit, this is a BIG knife, and with a long drop point blade you have plenty of options for the use of this knife. The whole knife has a very solid feel to it, with refined construction and tight tolerances. Did we mention just how appealing this automatic knife is?

It has a stunning steel frame in sleek stone-wash finish, black DLC glass breaker, push button with pearl insert and an awesome Damascus blade from Chad Nichols, all adding up to one of the most drool-worthy automatic knives out there!

Pro Tech Model TR-4 Tactical Switchblade Knife

Pro-Tech Tactical Response 4 (TR-4)


And the winner is…

While all of the switchblade knives we mentioned here are pretty awesome, we have to have a winner right? That’s why we chose the Pro-Tech Tactical Response 4 as the ultimate switchblade.

We love its great quality and the precision craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing of this automatic knife. It’s going to cost you a pretty penny, but the investment will be worth every single cent.

Not only is this knife visually very appealing, but its abilities are also unsurpassed, which is probably the reason we chose it as the winner of this category.

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