Spring Loaded Knive Sharpener

4 Of The Best Spring Loaded Knife Sharpeners We Found On Earth!

There seems to be a buzz about spring loaded knife sharpeners. Problem is there are so many to choose from that people often find themselves in frustration about what model to buy and which one will do the job the best in the least amount of time.

Top 4 Spring Loaded Knife Sharpeners You Can Buy

To aid you in making an informed decision we have compiled a list of 4 of the top rated models that will have your blades at cutting edge in no time.

1. Taylor’s Eye Chantry Spring Loaded Knife Sharpener

Taylor’s Eye Chantry Spring Loaded Knife Sharpener

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This sharpener will not only look great in your home with its modern features but it provides you with everyday functionality. Though you won’t be able to use it on fine edge or Japanese style knives, this tool will have your regular kitchen knives razor sharp in no time.

The two spring loaded steel rods form a V shape and are grooved, forming a very small serration on your knives, so it’s best to use it on knives that have to cut through course foods instead of something such as tomatoes. This is a great tool to have if you have to sharpen up those steak carving knives.

2. Füri Ozitech Diamond Fingers Spring Loaded Knife Sharpener


Füri Ozitech Diamond Fingers Spring Loaded Knife Sharpener


The spring loaded diamond fingers gently sharpen and hone your kitchen knives. The design makes it a visual pleasure while the results it delivers really packs a punch. Its versatile too as it will sharpen even hunting and outdoor blades and not simply kitchen knives.

If you are looking for fast and professional results then this tool should be on top of your “wanted” list.

3. Messermeister Chantry Mini Spring Loaded Knife Sharpener

Messermeister Chantry Mini Knife Sharpener


It might be small and cute but this little tool becomes a mean blunt blade fighting machine once you put it to work.  This is another tool you won’t be able to use on fine blades and Japanese style blades due to the fact that it creates a very small serrated edge to your blade due to the grooved steel rods, but it still gets those steak knives super sharp and ready to carve up some meat!

4. Brod & Taylor Spring Loaded Knife Sharpener Professional

Brod & Taylor Knife Sharpener Professional


If you want to professionally sharpen your own smooth or serrated knifes at home then the Brod & Taylor is for you. It effortlessly sharpens the entire edge of serrated knives and can be used to hone Japanese style blades. It can restore damaged blades in mere seconds and this rugged sharpener will last over 5 years.

It’s built to last and delivers professional quality in the comfort of your own home.

So working with a spring loaded knife sharpener might require you to keep your knife at a perfect angle in order to get the right results and there might be a few more tricks of the trade that you will learn through experience but the really great thing about using spring loaded sharpeners is the fact that they provide absolute precision for flat knives.

The Füri Ozitech Diamond Fingers takes the win when it comes to doing the best job, in the least amount of time and producing the best overall customer satisfaction. It’s not going to break your budget, actually at just $10.99 it’s going to get you even more excited to go out and buy this product. This sharpener will surely be a great addition to your kitchen and with its visually appealing design will surely set a topic of conversation.

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