Smith Knife Sharpener Review

Smith’s Knife Sharpener Review: Our Top 5 Picks

You probably wonder, there are so many companies out there making knife sharpeners, how do I choose?

Well, you have probably search about Smith’s and that is why you are here.

The Smith’s company has some really amazing product when it comes to knife sharpening tools. When you’re choosing a tool you’ll use on your knives you want to ensure that you pick one that does a professional quality job in the least amount of time and with minimal effort.

Smith’s Knife Sharpener Review: Our Top 5 Picks

With all the different products out there it’s often difficult to pick just one. We’ve compiled a summary of some of the bets Smith’s products out there to help you single out the one that will suit your needs the best.

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1. Smith’s Pocket Knife Sharpener

Smith's Pocket Knife Sharpener, Sharpens all type of knives, Fast & Easy Pull Thru Design


Okay so this bad boy is totally lightweight and portable which makes it an ideal carry on tool for getting blades razor sharp in no time. The pre-set carbides sharpen even the dullest edges in no time. It has a specially designed slot for finishing edges and sharpening serrated blades.

The tapered diamond rod works beautifully at sharpening serrated and standard edges on blades. What makes it even more attractive is the super affordable price. This pocket knife sharpener is the ideal tool to add to your collection for on the-go sharpening needs.

2. Smith’s 2-Step Knife Sharpener


Smith 2 Step Knife Sharpener


This portable and lightweight unit is ideal for taking along outdoors. It has non slip rubber feet which gives it added safety feature and the lanyard hole makes it easy to just tag it along with you wherever you go. If you need quick edging then use the crossed carbide blades.

For razor sharp edges you’ll use the crossed ceramic rods. What makes it really great is the fact that it has pre-set sharpening angles so you’ll always be ensured you get the best results. The coarse and fine grits on this sharpener allows you to re-profile and smooth blades to a perfect finish. It’s really an amazing little tool that could easily become part of any toolbox.

3. Smith’s 10-Second Scissors & Knife Sharpener

Smith's JIFF-S 10-Second Scissors and Knife Sharpener


It’s really all in the product name here and it lives up to that name! The specially designed floating ceramic rod ensures that the exact angle of your scissor’s angle is kept at all times ensuring you get the most professional quality sharpening.

The Jiff-V sharpener really puts razor sharp edges on blades in no time at all. What’s really nice about this tool is that it will sharpen any type of blade, flat or serrated, and both left-and-right handed scissors, so it’s very versatile. It’s the perfect tool to keep on hand in the kitchen, backpack and toolbox

4. Smith’s Adjustable Manual Knife Sharpener

Smith's 50264 Adjustable Manual Knife Sharpener


This is a two stage sharpening tool for all standard knives, and it also has a special tool for sharpening serrated blades. It makes sharpening very dull and worn blades seem like an effortless task and with its adjustable knob, sharpening at different angles is very easily done.

The soft grip handle on this tool ensures that you have a comfortable and strong grip while sharpening your knives and the non-slip bottom will never let the sharpener move around while you are using it. It’s a great tool to have in the kitchen and workshop and because it’s so lightweight it’s very portable so that you can take it with you wherever you go.

5. Smith’s Diamond Combo Knife Sharpener

Diamond Combo Fine/Coarse Knife Sharpener


This sharpener can sharpen just about any blade and the micro tool-sharpening pad lets you put a razor sharp finish on the smallest of cutting edges. You can easily sharpen pointed tools with this sharpener due to its sharpening grooves. What’s also great is the fact that you can use this tool wet or dry.

The interrupted surface of the Diamond Combo ensures that sharpening time is cut down to the minimum and it will sharpen just about any blade from stainless steel to ceramic blades. It’s a great sharpener and with a seriously affordable price, there’s really nothing you won’t like about it.

Individual needs may vary and you might find that some sharpeners will work great for one person but turn out to be less effective in someone else’s eyes. What we really can recommend though is the Diamond Combo Knive Sharpener.

It makes sharpening any blade a lightning fast process and will always deliver top quality finishes to knives. What’s really amazing about this tool is the fact that it can sharpen even the smallest of cutting edges and still deliver precision sharpening.

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