Shun Edo 11-piece Knife Block Set

Shun Edo Knives – An Unbiased Review


Shun’s Edo line has been discontinued. It seems like a lot of customers had way too much beef with what they describe to be a ‘weird’ bolster on these knives. I never had any issues with it, but nonetheless, I will share my opinion with you today.

Well look, sometimes in life, you just have to close your eyes, shut your mouth and stick with the top-of-the-line products. Knives are absolutely one of those things!

I love cooking, but give me a crappy blade and the experience goes south pretty fast.

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Before I met Shun, my love-affair was solidly established with German Chef Knives. Luckily we all grow up and since I’m a woman, I’m allowed to change my mind – More than twice a year.

But more than just Shun, it was the Edo series by Shun that I fell for – Hard and solid.

What’s so great about Shun Edo?

Well…the Edo line combines ultra-modern technology with ancient Japanese traditions and craftsmanship. Shun Edo knives are serious lookers with their sleek Pakkawood handles and mirror-polished hammered finish blades.

As far as style and swagger goes, Edo knives have it hard! Combined with Shun technology and Ken Onion design elements, these knives look even better than they feel in your hand.

Here’s the catch:

Shun has discontinued production of their Edo line, so if you can find one, grab it quick and make a dash for it.

Different Shun Edo Knives

There’s bunch of Edo knives that are great and well worth a mention, here’s a roundup of the best of them.

The Best Shun Edo Knives For You

Shun Edo 8 1/2 Inch Chef’s Knife

The first thing that got me hooked on this knife was its beautiful bamboo display stand that comes as part of the deal. Aside from that, the dense CG-10 Super Steel is tempered for exceptional hardness and edge retention. The Tsuchime hammered finish looks stunning on the blade but it also helps reduce drag while you’re cutting. The beautiful resin-infused Pakkawood handle gave me a nice grip and comfort while working and as a whole, the knife just feels super natural in my hand.

The Pros:

  • The Edo Chef’s Knife is perfectly balanced
  • Its light enough for fast chopping yet still has some heft to it
  • The edge of the blade is super sharp and rocks at retaining its edge

The Cons:

Shun Edo BB1503 8-1/2-Inch Chef's Knife

Shun Edo BB1503 8-1/2-Inch Chef’s Knife


Shun Edo 11 Piece Knife Block Set

Look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Shun Edo Knives have been discontinued, which is why I would undoubtedly urge anyone and everyone to just go out a grab a knife set in this line.

I love the Edo 11 Piece Knife Block Set from Shun; it’s got all you need and packs all the beautiful craftsmanship that the Edo series is known for.

The Pros:

  • It comes with a 4 inch Paring Knife, 5 Inch Santoku Knife, 5.5 Inch Utility Knife, 6.5 Inch Chef’s Knife, 7.5 Inch Santoku Knife, 8.25 Inch Dual Density Bread / Utility Knife, 8.5 Inch Chef’s Knife, 9.75 inch Slicing Knife, a 9 inch Sharpening Steel, Shears and a 11 slot Bamboo Knife Block
  • All the knives in this set are constructed with VG-10 Super Steel to a 16 degree mirror-polished edge with a hand-hammered finish
  • It’s a very versatile and handy knife set plus the bamboo block looks great on any kitchen countertop

The Cons:

  • These blades can and will rust if you don’t wash and dry them the right way
  • The set is rather expensive, but considering the massive value you’ll get, it’s a worth-wile investment to make
Shun Edo 11-piece Knife Block Set

Shun Edo 11-piece Knife Block Set


Shun Edo 3 Piece Knife Set

Here’s another Edo series set from Shun that’s worth the price all the way. For one great price you’ll get three amazing knives. It comes with a paring knife, a utility knife and a dual density utility or bread knife. Sure it’s not as comprehensive as the 11 piece set, but if you’ve got a chef’s knife already, this set is a great complimentary addition to your kitchen tools.

The Pros:

  • These are great quality knives with extremely sharp edges
  • The price is amazing considering that you get 3 Shun Edo knives at the price one Classic Shun would normally go for
  • Aside from a chef’s knife, the utility, paring and bread knife are 3 of the most used tools in any home chef’s kitchen

The Cons:

  • The paring knife seemed way too big for a ‘normal’ paring knife, but then again, nothing about Shun knives are ‘normal’
Shun BBS0310 Edo 3-Piece Knife Set

Shun BBS0310 Edo 3-Piece Knife Set


And that, my friends, is about as much as I will say about the Shun Edo Knives. They were awesome while they were still in production, and if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, you shouldn’t be thinking twice about it.

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