Shun DMS0820 Classic 8-Piece Epicurean Block Knife Set

Shun Classic Knives Review- Shun Knife Set

All you need to know and more about the Shun Classic Knife Set

Here’s the deal:

*Moira*, one of my readers recently wrote to me enquiring about my thoughts on the Shun Classic 10 Piece Chef’s Knife Set.

I was flabbergasted to say the least

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Truth is I hadn’t actually tested out the set hands on, so I decided to get my butt into gear and do a little investigation.

The Shun Classic Knife Set is right up there with the big players, and although I don’t typically advise on purchasing a knife set, this is definitely one I wouldn’t mind owning.

Here are my thoughts…

The Shun Classic Knives Review – Shun Knife Sets

At A Glance

  • Product Code: DMS1020
  • Product Tested: Shun Classic 10-Piece Chef’s Knife Block Set
  • Knife Block: Bamboo
  • Includes: 5 Inch Paring Knife, 6 Inch Utility Knife, 8 Inch Chef’s Knife, 9 Inch Hollow-Ground Slicer Knife, 8 1/4 Inch Offset Bread Knife, 5.5 Inch Santoku Knife, 6 Inch Boning/Filet Knife, One Honing Steel, Herb Shears, 22 Slot Block
  • Blade Material: VC-01 stainless super steel clad with 16 layers of SUS410 high-carbon stainless steel
  • Look: Damascus
  • Construction: Single piece forged with stainless-steel bolsters, handles and end caps
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

My Honest Opinion

By now you probably know that Shun is no small Knife Brand, and a lot of us rely on Shun’s precision sharp knives to chop, dice and slice.

What I loved about the set:

  • Well for starters, this set comes with 7 classic series Shun knives (the other three ‘pieces’ are the block, the steel and the shears). This means that I immediately had 7 times the Shun power in my hands than I would normally have.
  • The Classic line knives look amazing, and the Bamboo storage block is just a showpiece on its own.
  • The block, by the way, has 22 slots, so you can always build and extend your collection of the need arises.
  • All the knives have handles crafted from Pakkawood which is renowned for its durability and strength. Moisture is NO match for these handles, so that was a big score!
  • I liked all of the knives that came with the set, and I bet they’ll be pretty darn handy in any home cook’s adventures.

But isn’t Damascus prone to rust?

Yes, you’re absolutely right! But here’s where the difference comes in; Shun’s Classic knives are clad with 16 layers of folded high-carbon stainless steel, so it LOOKS like Damascus but has none of the nasty rust, corrosion and staining properties than real Damascus comes with.

How the Shun Classic Knives handled

This is true for all Shun knives actually, but the knives in this set have specially shaped handles that really feel great in my hand, provide me with a more secure grip and improve my overall experience. The bolster that’s ground more to the right is great to rest my finger on and the balance of the knives is exceptional.

The Drawbacks

Obviously all man-made things have a few flaws. What I’m about to share with you are by no means deal breakers, but I thought you might want to know about the little snags.

  • Shun knives have a tendency to start dulling (please note this seems to take forever) and then suddenly give up slicing altogether if you get what I’m saying
  • This set is NOT cheap, but it’s so worth every single cent spent!
  • The knives can only be sharpened using a whetstone, but I am so scared of doing it myself, I send mine in for re-sharpening about once a year or so.

Would I recommend it?

In a heartbeat, without thinking twice and I’d even offer to help you find the best deal on this set. It’s just that good!

Who is the Shun Classic 10 Piece Chef’s Knife Set for?

This set is perfect for you if you already know your way around the kitchen and you need a block set to match your experience level and needs.

This is not just a basic knife set. There’s nothing regular about these knives, so it’s a set best suited for the extraordinary home-cook that I know you are.

The Price Dilemma

Yes, Shun knives are renowned for their crazy prices, and let me just say that this 10 Piece set is no exception to the rule.

You can expect to pay anything between $850 (on sale) and $1300 for this set, but if you take into consideration the real value that you’re buying into, it makes sense every step of the way.


You don’t have to stick to the Shun Classic 10 Piece Chef’s Block Knife Set

Shun DMS1020 Classic 10-Piece Chef's Block Knife Set

Shun DMS1020 Classic 10-Piece Chef’s Block Knife Set

Shun has a range of other (more affordable) Classic block sets, albeit they do come with far less knives and much less long-term value.

There’s the Shun Classic 5 Piece Knife Block Set, which retails at around $350 to $550

Shun DMS0510 5-Piece Classic Knife Block Set

Shun DMS0510 5-Piece Classic Knife Block Set

Or the Shun Classic 6 Piece Knife Set with Bamboo Block, which sells for between $350 and $670

Shun Classic 6-Piece Knife Set with Bamboo Block

Shun Classic 6-Piece Knife Set with Bamboo Block

And then there’s the Shun Classic 7 Piece Knife Set with Bamboo Block with a price tag that ranges between $500 and $750

Shun Classic 7-Piece Block Set with Bamboo Block

Shun Classic 7-Piece Block Set with Bamboo Block

Alternatively, there’s also the Shun Classic 8 Piece Epicurean Block Knife Set which is priced between $500 and $930 a pop

Shun DMS0820 Classic 8-Piece Epicurean Block Knife Set

Shun DMS0820 Classic 8-Piece Epicurean Block Knife Set

At the end of the day, the set that promises the most value (the 10 piece in this case) is the best Shun Classic Knife Set.

And now you know all you need to know about the Classic Knife Set from Shun that people are ranting about. If you’re curious about the Shun Edo Knives, make sure you don’t miss my next post!

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