Custom Hunting Gift Enter Last Name Date Personalized Big Rectangle Bamboo Cutting Board Bamboo

Personalized Hunting Gifts – Here’s Why You Need To Consider Them

All you need to know and more about the best personalized hunting gifts

Here’s the deal:

Last year my wife got me an awesome personalized survival knife as a gift for our anniversary. It might not have been the top of the range knife, but hell I love that thing because it has my name on it!

Men love wide open spaces and the wild outdoors, which is why we also love hardy, practical and rugged gifts that bring some serious character and personal touch to the table.

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What makes great personalized hunting gifts?

To be frank…the sky is really the limit here. I’m going to give you a few great examples of gifts that can be personalized for hunters to ensure that they really get something memorable from you for that special occasion.

Why personalize a hunting gift?

That’s easy really…hunters who have their game on most likely already have a bunch of necessities, but personalized gifts is a great way of giving a unique gift to the hunter who has everything already.

These unique hunting gifts carry significant value to a hunter and will surely not be jammed into the back of a drawer somewhere, unless you don’t follow my advice and invest in useless crap that is.

Personalized Hunting Gifts Ideas

Here’s a roundup of the best ideas for hunting gifts that can be personalized. All you have to do is find a clued up engraver and get some neat words etched into these great items.

Number One – The Engraved Pocket Knife

I personally like the Elk Ridge Ballistic Quality Pakkawood Folding Knife (which is the one I got last year form wifey)

It looks great and has a great finish. Aside from the looks it’s also solid quality and boasts a 3.25 inch blade that’s actually really grand considering its super cheap price tag.

Free Engraving - Quality Elk Ridge Pakkawood Handle Folding Knife

Free Engraving – Quality Elk Ridge Pakkawood Handle Folding Knife


Number Two – Outdoor Jacket

The Reebow Gear Men’s Military Special Ops Softshell Tactical Jacket is a great option and it also happens to be super easy to get personalized. If you can get it to a silk screener or embroiderer, it’s as easy as having the hunter’s name printed on the jacket.

This is one bad ass jacket by the way. It’s lightweight and perfect for any outdoor activities. With 8 pockets it has more than enough storage space and the Shark Skin soft shell fabric with the warm inner fleece is waterproof, windproof, breathable, thermal, anti-pilling, anti-shrink and built with durability in mind. Keep in mind that the sizing is Asian, so order one size larger than you would for US sizes.

Reebow Gear® Men's Military Special Ops Softshell Tactical Jacket Waterproof

Reebow Gear® Men’s Military Special Ops Softshell Tactical Jacket Waterproof


Number Three – The Ammo Box

I love having a neat place to store my ammo in, and the Evans Sports Standard Ammo Box is what my folks got me about 2 years ago after I started seriously living for hunting season. The solid native US pine with its finger-joint construction has a pretty smooth Whitetail Deer Print on the side, but the lid is left open, which means getting a special message engraved on there will instantly transform this into one of the most practical hunting gifts you can give to that special man.

Evans Sports Standard Ammo Box

Evans Sports Standard Ammo Box


Number Four – The Cutting Board

So when the hunting is over and done with, a solid quality wooden cutting board is always great for meat processing or even just as an eye-catching décor item. I like the Customizable Bamboo Cutting Board from Personalized Gifts. Bamboo boards are not only more sustainable, but they’re also stronger and lighter than regular wooden cutting boards. The engraving looks great and makes for a very practical personalized hunting gift.

Custom Hunting Gift Enter Last Name Date Personalized Big Rectangle Bamboo Cutting Board Bamboo

Custom Hunting Gift Enter Last Name Date Personalized Big Rectangle Bamboo Cutting Board Bamboo


Number Five – The Axe

While I don’t use it out in the field, I do own an engraved axe I got from a friend a while ago. It’s the Buck Compadre Series Axe and I must say that it almost looks too good to use. It comes with the Buck Forever Warranty as expected and the overall length of 12-3/4 inches is perfect for just about any outdoor application. Make sure you get a good engraver to put some nice text on the Heritage Walnut Dymondwood Handle and your deal is basically sealed.

Buck Knives 106 Compadre Axe with Sheath

Buck Knives 106 Compadre Axe with Sheath


Final thoughts:

We hunters are a special breed of people, and to help us continue our traditions we need you to help us celebrate our hobbies by getting us kick ass gifts when the time calls for it. Personalized hunting gifts are just one way of showing us that you get and respect our sometimes obsessive hobby. If these picks don’t cover the hunter you want covered, don’t despair because I’ve got more than enough info coming your way to help you through the darkness.

Make sure you check out my next post where I’ll be discussing some of the best Engraved Hunting Knives out there and tell you just why they’re so special. I’ve also got a fresh new collection of info on the Best Knives for Hunting as well as the Best Steel for Hunting Knives. From Small Hunting Knives to Big Hunting Knives, I’ve got your back all the way.

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