NutriBullet Food Processor – Making Your Life Easy!

Here’s how the Magic Bullet NutriBullet can change your life…

It’s a fact:

There’s a “war” raging between what’s better; the food processor or the blender.

Luckily, preferences differ from one person to another and so does finances, so I’m not going to tackle that topic today.

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The Difference between Food Processors and Blenders

Sometimes there are a lot of practical reasons why blenders win the race against food processors…

  • They’re smaller in size, they can be used a lot and with a huge variety of foods and they rock at producing healthy fruit & veggie juices and smoothies.
  • Blenders tackle small jobs effortlessly and don’t consume as much energy as food processors.
  • Oh and then there’s the affordability factor. Blenders are hands down the cheaper of the two choices

But then again, there’s a lot that food processors can do that blenders can only dream of…

  • They can knead bread
  • They will mince meat
  • They chop and dice like experts
  • They can REALLY chop and crush ice, nuts and beans

I’m not a cooking nut. I prefer to use tools like these for the real reason they were invented in the first place – to keep me filled and fueled with the best nutrition in the form of a convenient drink. Chopping, grating and dicing is something I can do with any type of cooking knife!

That being said, I’m getting a little side-tracked here. What I actually want to talk about is the amazing NutriBullet Food Processor, or “blender”, whatever tickles your fancy. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s time to sit up and pay attention. Things are about to go down.

The NutriBullet Food Processor & Blender – All You Have To Know

Easily working through the toughest ingredients to produce just the right consistency, the 900 watt NutriBullet Pro Blender is a very popular nutrient extractor.

The Pros

  • It comes with a super powerful motor
  • It’s compact
  • All the cups and lids are BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • It’s easy to use and easier to clean
  • It the affordable alternative to top-end products like the Vitamix
  • It easily pulverizes foods like kale, black berry seeds, wheat grass and fresh roots

The Cons

  • You’ll have to make sure you don’t overwork your NutriBullet if you want to avoid overheating
  • The 1 year warranty is a major let-down
  • The blades are NOT dishwasher safe
  • It comes with a 1 speed setting, which can be a real pain in the behind at times
  • It will NOT crush ice

How the NutriBullet Measures Up

I had a little spin-off happening in my kitchen where I tested the capabilities of the NutriBullet against two other major game players: The Nutri Ninja and the Vitamix (yes I own 3 blenders like I’ve mentioned in my post The Best Personal Blender)

First up: 

NutriBullet vs. Nutri Ninja


  • The Nutri Ninja isn’t a match for the NutriBullet blender’s ability to deal with harder skin and stems on food.
  • NutriBullet on the other hand doesn’t really measure up to the Ninja’s ability to tackle ice crushing 

Blending Power

  • The NutriBullet range is available in 3 different power levels (although I own the Pro 900)
  • Nutri Ninja wins this race hands down with 12 different models ranging from 700 to 1500 watts

Price & Warranty

  • The NutriBullet range varies from about $79 to $179, depending on the model you opt for and all come with 1 year warranties.
  • Nutri Ninja on the other hand costs anywhere between $89 and $179, but boast 5 year warranties

The Verdict

Both brands are equally impressive, but for my everyday needs, the NutriBullet just makes more sense and it’s also a lot easier on the wallet.

And now for the next comparison…

NutriBullet vs. Vitamix

Okay so the Vitamix is a professional food processor, but the reason why I don’t use it daily is because it’s big and bulky and the features are somewhat of a learning curve. I also don’t always recommend it because yes, it’s super expensive when compared with the NutriBullet. Anyway, here’s how it played out…


  • The Vitamix is great for just about any heavy task like oodles of chopping and dicing. You can also make warm soups with the Vitamix.
  • I don’t always need the versatility and fancy attitude of the Vitamix, which is why my NutriBullet food processor comes in as the best go-to option for everyday quick usage.

Blending Power

  • Generally speaking, Vitamix processors use 1380 motors, but they come in all shapes and sizes that range from 800 to 1600 watts.
  • NutriBullet, as you know, is available in 600, 900 and 1700 watt power models. 

Price & Warranty

  • Like I said before, NutriBullet blenders are extremely affordable, ranging between $79 and $179, depending on the model, and they come with 1 year warranties.
  • Vitamix on the other hand are crazy expensive, coming in at $259 for the cheapest model and reaching up to $719 for the most technologically advanced models. These blenders come with a 1 year warranty.

The Verdict

  • The Vitamix might outperform the NutriBullet in many (if not all) aspects, but since most of us could rather use an extra $600 on some other fitness equipment, I think I’ll stick to recommending the NutriBullet.

Who Is The NutriBullet Blender For?

Since all things man-made essentially have flaws, I’ll tell you straight off the bat that the NutriBullet isn’t the perfect blender. It doesn’t perform top-notch for all tasks, but if you’re a little budget conscious yet still need a good blender that can get the job done, NutriBullet is always there to help you out.

NutriBullet Pro 900 Extraction System

NutriBullet Pro 900 Extraction System


This sums up my 2 cents worth of info on the NutriBullet Food Processor. It’s convenient, reliable, easy to use and easy on the pocket.

But How Much Is a NutriBullet? Don’t worry; I’ve got your back. All you need to know about the price and purchase options is coming up next!

Video for NutriBullet Food Processor – Making Your Life Easy!

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