Lansky Knife Sharpener Review

Lansky Knife Sharpener Review: A Brand To Be Reckoned With

The manufacturer of high quality knife sharpeners Lansky has an amazing range of products that have been designed to make your life easier and ensure that your knives stay sharp for as long as you use their sharpeners. The high quality sharpeners all have different functions and are designed for different types of blades.

Lansky Knife Sharpener Review: Our Top 5 Picks

We’ve compiled a list of 5 of their best products in order to help you see exactly which one of their amazing sharpeners will make your knife sharpening tasks seem like no work at all.

1. Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Knife Sharpening System


Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Knife Sharpening System

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This box set is ideal for use on kitchen knives, outdoor knives, hobby knives and garden knives. The grain of the stones range from extra-coarse, coarse, medium, fine alumina oxide and extra-fine ceramic that really gives you a wide variety of blades that can be sharpened and smoothed with these hones.

There’s no guess work when it comes to positioning either, it comes with controlled angle options that guide your blades for the best possible sharpening. The stones are all color coded so it’s easy to differentiate between them and their finger shapes grooves allow for easy handling.

The precision engineered knife clamps ensures that there’s no way you could do the job wrong and the stylish carrycase neatly stores away your sharpening system until the next use.

2. Lansky BladeMedic Knife Sharpener

BladeMedic Knife Sharpener


This is an essential tool to have in your kit and will ensure that you can quickly and easily repair and sharpen even the dullest and bluntest blade. The metal body gives this pocket size sharpener some weight which makes it rugged and durable.

It has a long tapered diamond rod that ensures perfect sharpness and it reaches into the deepest of serrated edges. The BladeMedic is a multi-blade sharpener and you’ll be able to get just about any blade sharpened in no time at all.

3. Lansky Turn Box Crock Stick Knife Sharpener

Lansky 4-rod Turn Box Crock Stick Knife Sharpener


This two-step sharpening system has two sets of medium grit (that allows you to edge damaged blades) and fine grit (that gives you edges that are smooth and razor sharp) ceramic rods along with two preset sharpening angles that ensure you get the perfect sharpness every time.

The wooden box that it comes in fits snugly into a kitchen drawers and even a fishing bait box so it’s really lightweight and portable. It’s a great old school tool to have with you and should be part of any collector’s inventory.

4. Lansky Dual Grit Knife Sharpener

Lansky Dual Grit Knife Sharpener


This multipurpose sharpener is portable and very versatile as it works on just about any type of blade. You can use it for sharpening the blades of lawnmowers, axe blades, shovels and spades as well as your hunting and outdoor knives.

The handle has an easy grip which helps you get the work done fast and without effort. The coarse grit on the sharpener is used for shaping worn blades and the medium grit is used for edging and sharpening. This is a sharpener best used for bigger and more rugged blades, and not your average carving knife.

5. Lansky Tactical Knife Sharpener

The Tactical Knife Sharpener


There’s nothing complicated about this sharpener. It’s straight forward and to the point and gets the job done without much of a hassle. It’s durable and reliable and comes with a fish hook sharpener. The anodized aluminum does add quite a bit of weight to the product but in return offers strength.

The diamond rod really sharpens blades in minimal time and does an amazing job on quick refilling your blades. It’s not something you are going to carry around in your backpack but when it comes to a long lasting and reliable sharpener, this one is in top form.

So we showed you 5 different, equally good, knife sharpeners from the Lansky company that will all help you ensure you blades stay in tip-top condition but if you’re looking for the best of these great items, look no further than the 5 Stone Sharpening System.

You’ll be able to get just about any job done with this. The packaging is good, it’s very easy to use and the best thing about it is it’s super versatile and the price is really really attractive. Every good knife collector should have one of these in his collection to ensure that blades always stay at their sharpest and best form.

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