Best Knife For Carving Turkey On Thanksgiving And Xmas

There are knives that can carve… and then there are THOSE knives that just work like they were made for the act of carving turkey. Finding a knife that can precisely slice through turkey without tearing the meat, and leave you with slices as thin or as thick as you would like is often harder said than done.

Which is the Best Knife for Carving Turkey?

Most carving knifes just don’t live up to the expectations we place on them. To help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, we’ve put together a list of the hardest working and most durable knives that tackle the task of carving turkey like a boss.

1. Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve ‘n Set Electric Turkey Carving Knife

Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve ‘n Set Electric Turkey Carving Knife

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This power horse electric carving knife works great at producing consistently perfected slices of turkey and really slices clean through the meat without schlep. The non-slip trigger allows for easy operation and the stainless steel blades and fork help you achieve the best end product, time after time. It comes with a handy storage case that’s ideal for space saving issues.

2. Victorinox Cutlery 10 Inch Curved Cimeter Turkey Carving Knife


Victorinox Cutlery 10 Inch Curved Cimeter Turkey Carving Knife



This knife performs like a top quality butcher knife and really slices the meat in long, solid strokes. The slip resistant handle has a comfortable grip and ensures maximum comfort when you are carving. The high-carbon stainless steel bade is honed to retain maximum sharpness on the edges and you can rest assured that this knife is durable and reliable.

The Fibrox handle is textured and ergonomically designed to ensure maximum balance and comfort. This knife that gets produced in Switzerland comes with a lifetime guarantee and will be a great addition to any kitchen that often sees carving going down.

3. Wolfgang Puck Electric Carving Knife

Wolfgang Puck Electric Carving Knife with Rotary Handle


The electric knife from Wolfgang Puck expertly slices meats with precision and consistency time and again. The 2 serrated stainless steel blades work on anything from frozen foods to breads and especially large pieces of meat such as Turkey.

The patented rotary handle lets you cut your meats at 4 different angles and the double safety switch ensures you’ll have complete piece of mind. The knife is compact and made with space saving in mind and comes with a 1 year warranty.

4. Hamilton Beach Chrome Classic Electric Knife With Case

Hamilton Beach Chrome Classic Electric Knife with Case


This knife set easily cuts through just about anything but performs amazingly well with larger pieces of meat that needs to be carved. The knife comes with a storage case and a carving fork so you’ll have all the accessories you need. The blades are easy to remove and ensure a quick cleanup. This 9 inch electric knife delivers consistent and even cuts of meat without fail.

5. Oster Inspire Electric Carving Knife


Oster Inspire Electric Carving Knife


This great electric carving knife has a special cutting tip that easily works through those hard to reach areas in meats such as Turkey. The unit has been ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort when in use. The stainless steel blades are super easy to remove and clean up should be a quick job after the carving is done.

It also comes with its own carry case and a carving fork, so you can rest assured that armed with this kit, you’ll carve your way through any piece of meat that comes your way with the greatest of ease.

The general feeling here is that electric knives just work much better at carving up a turkey than traditional knives do. Make no mistake, manual knives still work great, but if you want to get the job done fast and without too much of a hassle, then resorting to a power tool is the quickest answer.

We really like the Wolfgang Puck Electric Knife. This little beauty cuts through anything but makes carving a turkey seem like child’s play. What’s great about it is the rotary handle that gives you the freedom to slice and carve at 4 different angles. The price also makes it even more attractive and at the very least, this knife is sure to last you for years to come!

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