KME Diamond Knife Sharpener with Gold Series Hones and low profile jaws - Base Included

KME Knife Sharpener Review: A Brand To Be Reckoned With

They say that a sharp knife is sharper than a dull one. This may sound obvious until you experience a real dull knife. A sharp knife is much more likely to get the job done effortlessly and thus eliminates the risk of you battling with cutting something and hacking at yourself in the same process.

Knives tend to become blunt no matter how carefully you use it and to eliminate the frustration of not getting the slicing done with ease, we turn to the best kitchen knife sharpeners reviews and we found this brand. A brand of knife sharpeners that are at the forefront of the sharpener industry, KME.

KME Knife Sharpener Reviews

We take a look at some of the very best KME knife sharpeners and what they can do for you. Check out the reviews for the 5 best KME Knife Sharpeners below:

1. KME EKFD Knife Sharpening System – Diamond Stone Kit

KME Sharpeners EKFD Knife Sharpening System - Diamond Stone Kit

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This is a great stone sharpening set to have on hand. It comprises of 3 DMT Dia-sharp 1×4 diamond hones – coarse fine and extra fine. The stones have spherical bearing rod guides that ensure zero angle deviation for a smooth sharpening motion.

You can adjust the angles of sharpening from 17 to 30 degrees, each marked in 1 degree increments. The rotating blade clamp with its neoprene lining makes sharpening alternate sides easy and won’t scratch the blade. This portable sharpening system with its carry case is easy ideal for taking with you wherever you go.

2. KME Diamond Knife Sharpener with Gold Series Hones and low Profile Jaws

KME Diamond Knife Sharpener with Gold Series Hones and low profile jaws - Base Included


This sharpening tool allows you to achieve perfect edging every time. You can sharpen from angles varying from 17 to 30 degrees and the sharpener has a 180 degree rotational clamp to ensure maximum stability.

It has a comfortable cherry pistol grip which ensures you have a good hand on things all the way throughout the sharpening process. The sharpener comes with the cherry base as a set.

3. KME Sharpeners KFDNF Tapered Diamond Rod for Serrated Blades


KME Sharpeners KFDNF Tapered Diamond Rod for Serrated Blades



As the name suggest this sharpener is specifically designed to sharpen your serrated blades to a razor sharp edge every time. The sharpening system has a fine diamond grot that has been plated onto stainless steel that screws onto the guide rod that is included in the kit.

You can easily get even into the finest serrations because it’s designed to taper from about 0.25 to 0.08 inches. This is only a rod that attached onto a main sharpening system but definitely something worth adding to your sharpening tool kit.

4. KME Knife Sharpener Full Chosera Stone Set

KME Sharpener Full Chosera Stone Set - 1"x4"x0.25"


This stone set gives you freedom to sharpen and hone your blades according to your needs. These stones fit on the KME Sharpeners and uses water as a lubricant. With these stones you’ll be able to get razor sharp edges on your blades in no time and the fact that it comes with 8 stones means you’ll be sharpening away like a pro in no time!

5. KME Knife Sharpener Complete 4 Ceramic Stone Set Model KF-4S

KME Knife Sharpener Complete 4 Ceramic Stone set model KF-4S


These stones essentially are part of the ME Ceramic Sharpening Kit. It comes complete with a X-Coarse 60 Grit Silicon Carbide Ceramic Stone, a Coarse 120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Stone, a Medium 320 Grit Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Stone and a Fine 1000 Grit Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Stone. All you need bundled up into one great deal.

Sharpening is a skill that develops as you practice the art but armed with a great sharpening system from KME you could easily be well on your way to sharpening like a pro in no time at all.

We recommend the KME EKFD Sharpening System which is the whole enchilada you’ll need to get started on perfectly sharpening your blades. It includes everything you’ll need except for the base which is sold separately but this amazing sharpening system in an investment well worth making.

KME Knife Sharpener Review – Video

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