Kitchen Knife Sharpeners Reviews

Kitchen Knife Sharpeners Reviews: Complaints Regarding Electronic Knife Sharpener And Solutions

Electric knife sharpeners are indeed great gadgets. They save time and work better. More importantly they are not that expensive. However, if you have gone through knife sharpener reviews then you have seen that there are people who are disgruntled with the performance of their knife sharpener’s performance or are complaining that electric knife sharpener has ruined his or her favorite knife. While mishaps like this may happen with any electric gadget, informed usage can help you avoid the difficulties of using electric knife sharpener.

The most frequent complain prevalent in knife sharpener reviews is that someone bought the tool, used it for the first time and the knife got completely ruined by that. While this indeed is a possibility, it will happen only when you will not know how to use an electric sharpener properly. Always remember it is an extremely powerful device designed to give you a nice sharp knife within minutes. You have to hold the knife very lightly against the sharpening slot and run the machine for less than a minute every time. Check your knife condition; it is more likely to get sharpened by then. If not, then repeat the process with care. Never hold the knife strongly against the machine and keep it running for longer periods.

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I would strongly recommend that you do not use your most favorite knife when you are using the electric knife sharpener for the first time. Sharp one or two less important ones, learn the trade and then start up using your sharpener.

Another frequent complaint prevalent in knife sharpener reviews is of overheating. Many complain that there sharpener overheats after using for small period of time, e.g. 20 minutes. The first thing is if you are using a home model electric knife sharpener then you should not keep it running for more than 20 minutes because you can sharpen all your knives and much more within that time. Sharpen a knife, give it some time and then reuse it. If you have a commercial model electric knife sharpener then you are not supposed to have this problem because commercial models are supposed to be designed as heavy duty. Contact your vendor in this case.

People also complain in knife sharpener reviews that even though his knife was perfectly sharpened by the sharpener it ruined one of his friend’s knives. The fact here is that not all knife sharpeners are designed to be used with all types of blades. Knife sharpeners have different slots for different types of blade. If your sharpener has only one slot then look at the manual to know what types of knives can be sharpened in this machine. Use your tool accordingly and it will work just fine.

Electric knife sharpeners are the best type of knife sharpeners when it comes to minimizing efforts in sharpening knifes, no doubt. However, misuse of anything can be fatal and there is no exception in this case as well. Always know your machine to get the perfect outcome form it. Before buying a knife sharpener go through the product descriptions and knife sharpener reviews which will give you a good idea on the market.

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