Chef’s Choice Electric Sharpener For Asian Knives

Kitchen Knife Sharpeners Reviews: Chef’s Choice Electric Sharpener For Asian Knives

Chef’s Choice has a range of electric knife sharpeners available for Asian style knives. They perform a professional and high quality sharpening of all Asian style knives.

Here is a review of the Electric Sharpeners for Asian knives.

 Model M1520 Knife Sharpener

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This is a professional 2 Stage knife sharpener that combines the durability and strength of triple bevel edge with flawless and ultra-sharp 15 or 20 degree EdgeSelect technology. Traditional Asian style knives of single or double bevel can be flawlessly sharpened using this sharpener. It has 100% diamond abrasives and stropping disks that are patented and flexible.

The 3 Stage processes of this sharpener and its flexible and efficient stropping disks can sharpen your knives with the removal of minimum metal and thus extend the life span of your knives.

This model of knife sharpener can be used for sharpening American and European household knives, Asian style knives of single and double edges, thicker edges like Sashimi, Santuko and Deba knives, serrated, sports and pocket knives. It uses 125 watts of electricity and you will also get a 3 years warranty on this product.

Model 15XV Knife Sharpener

You can use this Asian style knife sharpener for converting the 20 degree factory edges of American and European household knives into Trizor 15 degree edges of high performance.

Its multi stages feature 100% diamond abrasives and flexible stropping disks to create a superior edge, that will prolong the life of your knife by applying an arch shaped edge of triple bevel, which resists the dulling of the knives for a longer period of time.

This knife sharpener is suitable for sharpening single edge, double edge and thicker blade Asian knives, serrated knives and also reconditioning heavily worked knives. 125 watts of electricity is required by this sharpener and you will get a 3 years warranty on it.

 Model 315S Knife Sharpener

Model 315S Knife Sharpener

This knife sharpener will allow you to get a factory sharp, 15 degree edge on single and double bevel Asian knives. It has spring knife guides of high precision that controls the angle of sharpening of the thickest and thinnest Asian blades.

This will result in giving your knives incredibly sharp and durable edges. Its sharpening process has 2 stages with 100% diamond abrasive in 1st stage and flexible, ultra-fine micron-size abrasive in 2nd stage. The knife sharpener uses 120 watts of electricity and you will get a 2 year warranty on it.

 Model 316 Knife Sharpener

Chefs Choice 316 Diamond

This sharpener has 2 stages with 100% diamond abrasives which separately polish each of the knife’s side at 15 degrees. Due to this feature, you can get a flexibility that will guarantee sharpest edges on every contemporary and traditional Asian knife of single bevel and double bevel.

Its elastomeric angle guides of high precision removes all guesswork. It uses 120 watts of electricity and you can get a 1 year warranty on the sharpener.

Thus we can see that these knife sharpeners are somewhat different from other knife sharpeners, as they can be used for sharpening Asian style knives.

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