Kapoosh knife block review

Kapoosh Knife Block Review: Where Your Knives Will Be Happy To Be

Having a multifunctional storage block for your knives (or other sharp pointed objects) around is always a great space saving technique and it ensures that potentially harmful and sharp objects aren’t lying around and waiting for accidents to happen. Introducing the revolutionary Kapoosh Knife Block.

It’s so simple yet super smart. There are no slots in this knife block, just stick your knife in there and keep it safe and organized with minimal effort!  Here is our list of the top Kapoosh knife blocks available out there!

Top Kapoosh Knife Block Review:

1. Kapoosh Battonet Knife Block n Black Oak Wood grain

Kapoosh Batonnet Knife Block, Black Oak Woodgrain

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Like mentioned earlier this knife block allows you to insert knives anywhere in the block with no predefined slots for knives. This version has two tiers so that you can fit all your knives in with blades ranging from 5 to 8 inches long.

The food-grade plastic flex rods will not chip, damage or dull your knife blades and the patented flex rod technology conforms to the shape of individual knives and hold them in place. The flex rods are removable and dishwasher safe, meaning you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently clean them up.

2. Kapoosh Rondelle Knife Block with Stainless Steel


Kapoosh Rondelle Knife Block with Stainless Steel


Yes, the word Rondelle makes you think of a circular object and this is exactly what it means. This specific model of the Kapoosh Block is designed in a circular shape and beautifully finished off with a high-quality stainless steel to give it a touch of elegance.

This block fits perfectly in the home kitchen and its detailed finishes add an attractive feature to your counter tops. This unit also has the patented flex rod technology that lets you store your knives anywhere within the unit, and the flex rod conforms to the shape of the individual knives to keep the steadily in place.

3. Kapoosh Dice Knife Block in Light Oak Wood grain

Kapoosh Dice Knife Block, Light Oak Woodgrain


This is a larger and lighter wood grain version of the first model we mentioned. It has a beautiful light oak finish on the exterior and works great in continental and farm style kitchens. It holds knives with blades ranging anywhere from 5 up to 8 inches long.

Unlike the previous two models we talked about, this is a single tiered knife block but still has the same patented flex rod materials that allows you store your knives anywhere within the block and conforms to the shape of the blade to keep the knife in place.

4. Kapoosh Brunoise Knife Block

Kapoosh Brunoise Knife Block


This is like the mini me of the Dice knife block we talked about earlier. It fits just a small amount of knives but can still hold knives with blades measuring up to 8 inches long. It still uses the same patented and amazing flex rods that conforms to the blade shapes to keep them perfectly in place and allows you store you knives anywhere within the block.

This block has got non-skid rubber feet to ensure it doesn’t slide around on counter tops. This is the perfect unit for the smaller kitchen and storing the bare essential knives you need at arm’s reach on a daily basis.

5. Kapoosh Writer’s Block

Kapoosh Writer's Block


Okay so this isn’t for storing the large kitchen knives. It’s essentially a little baby version of the big Kapoosh Knife Block. It’s said to be the universal desk caddy for storing and organizing pens, scissors and other supplies, but it can definitely be used to store things such as paring knives and small kitchen items that need to be safely stored.

It’s also great for storing small tools, craft items, knitting needles and makeup brushes. It has the same patented flex rods that conform to the object’s shape to keep it stored securely and allows you store items wherever you want within the block. It’s at the very least a cute little storage block with attitude!

Kapoosh Blocks are revolutionizing the way we store our sharp objects such as knives and small tools. The work great in the home kitchen and allows you to store your knives at arm’s reach but still with safety in mind and without having to insert knives in predefined slots.

We are crazy about the Kapoosh Battonet Knife block that has two tiers to ensure more than enough storage space for all your knives with blades up to 8 inches long. It might be a little of an investment when you consider the price but surely is one investment that will pay its own way in no time at all considering the multi-function abilities it bears.

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