How To Use Electric Knife Sharpener Like A Top Chef?

Knife sharpeners are known to anyone who has worked in a kitchen or collects knife as a hobby, sports or means of protection. They come in many sizes, shapes and styles. Knife sharpener can range from just a piece of stone to well-designed electric gadgets. And here we are going to discuss on these electric knife sharpening gadgets known as electric knife sharpeners.

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Sharpen it faster with electric knife sharpeners

Electric knife sharpeners are knife sharpeners designed in a way that knife sharpening becomes easier, faster and safer. These sharpeners, like the regular ones, also have a sharpening stone or sharpening blade attached to the device. The difference between a regular knife sharpener and an electric one is that you do not need to rub it manually, you place the knife on the designated spot and the machine does the rest. As a safety feature most of these sharpeners are designed in a way that there is no danger of the knife suddenly coming out of the machine and send you to the hospital.

Most people believe that electric knife sharpeners are only meant to be used for commercial, heavy duty purposes or by knife aficionados. While it is true that a hotel kitchen or a knife collector is more likely to use an electric model, the conception of it being not used for home purposes is entirely wrong because there are cheaper models prepared for home use as well. A pricier one may have different slots for different types of knives, can sharpen many knives on a day and can have the features that hone or tune the edges perfectly. Whereas those designed for home uses can only sharp the knife and cannot be used for heavy duty. Despite the limited features, these cheaper models sharpen the knives quite well though. If you are using an electric knife sharpener in your kitchen then you are saving your time and always getting a well sharped knife to work with.

How to use a electric knife sharpener correctly?

While using an electric knife sharpener you must remember that it is an electric one and works pretty fast. Upon using it for the first time, most people hold the knife too strongly against the machine for too long and as an outcome damages the knife. To get the best outcome from an electric knife sharpener you should hold it lightly against the machine for only a several swipes. I would highly recommend that the first knife that you sharpen better be a disposable one. Otherwise you may end up losing your favorite knife just after buying a gadget to make it sharper! Check out some of the common complaints we found on electric sharpener reviews.

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