How To Use A Knife Sharpener Tool Like A Top Chef?

Sharpeners to get better service from knives for a much longer period of time. Each and every tool that man use has become modernized with time and knife sharpeners are no exception!  These sharpeners can vary from between only a sharpening stone to intricately designed electric device. Let us see how many different types of sharpeners are out there.

Types of knife sharpeners include:

  • Sharpening stone
  • Manual sharpeners
  • Electric sharpeners

Sharpening stone

It is the simplest type of knife sharpener available. Usually a sharpening stone is rectangular or round shaped. There are two types of sharpening stones. One is called whetstone and the other carborundum stone.  Whetstones are prepared from silicon dioxide minerals while carborundum stones are made of silicon carbide. Carborundum stones may have a smooth and a rough side. The rough side is used to sharpen up the knife while the smooth side is used to fine tune the edges.

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Sharpening stones are easy to carry, cheaper in price and available in various grades. However, they are time consuming and it’s difficult to learn to sharpen a knife using a sharpening stone. A very similar tool to the sharpening stone is the sharpening steel which has a steel shaft to sharpen the knives.

Manual sharpeners


Manual sharpeners are countertop utensils which are simpler to use than sharpening stone or sharpening steel. Usually a sharpening stone is placed inside a manual sharpener. The marginal utility comes from the fact that you do not need to think about positioning the knife when you are using manual sharpeners. You have a designated place to put the knife and then you have to rub it against the stone to sharpen it.

Manual sharpener is quite an advancement from sharpening stone. However manual sharpeners are still too time consuming and complaints of manual sharpeners not working properly are pretty common.

Electric sharpeners


Electric sharpener is the most modern type of knife sharpener. They are designed much like manual sharpeners but have much efficient sharpening system and added safety features. Electric sharpener can be as simple as having only one platform to place the knife and sharpen it. However, most electric sharpeners have multiple platforms. One may be used for sharpening the knife while other may be used for smoothing it. There are electric sharpeners which have separate platforms for different kinds of knives.

Electric sharpeners are much faster than any other kind of knife sharpener. They also usually sharpen and smooth up the knives better. They come in variable prices and features which makes it possible for a home user to buy a simple sharpener and a hotel kitchen to buy a heavy duty one. The choice remains with you!

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