How to open oyster

How To Open Oyster With And Without A Knife?

The Oyster Knife….ever elusive and something you probably don’t even need to properly shuck and enjoy fresh oysters!

There’s nothing quite as satisfying and fun as opening and enjoying your own fresh oysters, and if you thought that you really need that hard-to-find oyster, think again, because we’re about to tell you just how easy it really is to open oysters without an oyster knife!

How to open oyster shell?

Are you ready to indulge in those slippery and delicious bivalves yet? I am sure many of you wonder how to open oysters easily with or without a knife.

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Before you use any of our genius methods for shucking your oysters, always ensure you’ve given them a good scrub down under cold running water.

We’ve got a few remarkably simple ways of opening your oysters:

1. The Screwdriver Method to Open Oyster

Because a flat-head screwdriver is constructed similarly as an oyster knife, it’s the perfect makeshift tool! Choose your shortest length flat-head screwdriver for this task so that you have the safest grip! You want to give that guy a good wash though, just to make sure no sneaky contaminants get inside your precious oysters.

To open the shell, hold the oyster firmly with a towel, locate the valve and stick the screwdriver head into the valve, twisting it until the oyster begins to open.

Use the blade of the screwdriver to detach the meat of the oyster from the shell and then simply enjoy!

2. The Stabbing Method to Open Oyster

Okay, so you’ll need an actual knife for this one, we recommend using a knife from Henckels.

Let’s get back to the point…

With your left hand, grab hold of the oyster, flat side up with the “mouth” facing you. Now twist your wrist clockwise and counterclockwise, working the point of the knife between the leading edges of the shells until it penetrates.

Once the seal is broken, insert the blade fully and then, with your left hand, turn the oyster sideways so the knife severs the “eye”. Now turn the oyster over and cut the bottom abductor muscle close to the point of attachment in the shell. Voila! Your oyster is now ready to be enjoyed!

And now…the EASIEST way of opening oysters at home…

3. The Microwave Method (slightly steam)

The microwave is indeed a revolutionary invention, forever changing the way you thought about opening oysters at home!

Take your oysters (about 6 at a time), put them on a plate and cover them with wax paper.

Now microwave them for 55 seconds at full power. Allow them to sit in there for about 20 seconds once the microwave has gone off and then take them out.

Don’t worry, the meats won’t be cooked, but they will be slightly warmed. Allow them to cool and then open them using just a little effort with a plain old kitchen knife. They’ll be much easier to open up!

4. The Oven Method For Opening Oyster

Okay, so we totally love this method because it’s sort of hands-free (well, it’s the least effort anyway). The idea works because when oysters are exposed to sudden heat, they automatically open their shells.

Take about half a dozen oysters and place them in a pie pan. Next, put the pan in a hot oven for about 4 minutes. Quickly take them out and gently probe a kitchen knife into the upper shell and cut the muscle from the shell.

Take off the top shell and then cut the muscle from the lower shell. You’ll want to refrigerate them if you enjoy your oysters ice cold. Chill them for about 15 minutes before serving

By the way, you can also use Wusthof knives for opening your oysters; we recommend this brand for their great quality and durability.

Final Thoughts

You can eat them in about a hundred ways, ranging from raw, boiled, fried or stuffed into something, but oysters in any form are a true delicacy!

The problem with fresh oysters is that getting them open can be difficult and tricky, which is why we’ve shown you the easiest ways of tackling the problem, without cutting or stabbing yourself in the process.

It’s pretty obvious to see that you don’t need any oyster knives to get the job done (and if you have one, we’ve shown you the easiest way of using it). Now you can open and enjoy your own fresh oysters at home (without the unnecessary costs and less-than-satisfying taste of buying them pre-processed and canned).

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