Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Select Kitchen Shears

Henckels Kitchen Shears – The Only Way To A Perfect Snip

Because regular scissors just won’t cut it in the kitchen

I love to reminisce about my rookie days in the kitchen, back when I had no clue what I had to do to become a professional in the kitchen. Luckily, my journey has led me to some amazing discoveries, and helped me uncover a bunch of things that I just wouldn’t be able to function without in my kitchen today.

One of those discoveries for me was Kitchen Shears. Wonderfully useful and oh so versatile, my shears are synonymous to a Swiss Army knife for the outdoorsman.

Regular Scissors VS Kitchen Shears

Sure scissors have 2 blades, just like kitchen shears, but unlike regular scissors, kitchen shears have unique handles and much longer blades.

Shears specialize in cutting up poultry, fish and herbs, which makes my shears a critical part of my culinary life.

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Personally, I use Henckels Kitchen Shears, and it’s something I highly recommend, but we’ll get to the reason why in a short while.

Here’s what highlights a good pair of kitchen shears:

  • They have lower pivot points to give you more leverage when cutting
  • The best shears have an all-in-one blade and handle design and offer superb balance
  • The best shears are made from carbon steel because it’s better for edge retention, but look for a pair that has a stainless steel, chrome or nickel coating to prevent rust.
  • The best shears have finely serrated edges and can be used by either left or right handed cooks

The Henckels Kitchen Shears – My shears of choice

Why I use the Henckels Twin Select Kitchen Shears

The simple answer is that they work, and have been cutting away through pretty much everything and anything in my kitchen for the past 3 years. You know that feeling you get when a tool just can’t do the job you need it to? I vaguely remember it, but since I’ve had my Twin Select shears, it’s been a problem of the distant past!

Overview:Henckels Twin Select Kitchen Shears                Uses:Kitchen snipping tasks


Versatility             Value for Money            Effectiveness                  Ease of Use

8/10                             7/10                                         8/10                                         7/10

The Henckels Twin Select shears come with an adjustable pivot screw that ensures I can cut as precise as I need to, and I have to say, the blade comes apart with no issue at all, which helps to make cleaning super easy.

The overall length measures in at 8 inches with a blade length of 3 inches.

                   I love                                                                       I wish

– that its suitable for left and right hand use               – they had a “pop and lock” action

– the edges that stay super sharp for ages                   -they were easier to assemble after cleaning

-the built-in bottle opener + steel tooth jar opener      – the handles were a little bit roomier

– the balance, quality and overall sharpness                – the blades were just a tad longer

– the fact that it’s an all-steel design, no plastic!


In all honesty, I’m very happy with my shears. They cut through anything from chicken to carpet (yes okay I’ve gone a bit extreme with them at times) and they never let me down.

The handle could have definitely been a little bit bigger, and I totally get why some people would have an issue with this.

When I consider the rather affordable price tag it came with, I’m more than happy with the work it does for me, and I would definitely recommend it to any home cook.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Select Kitchen Shears

The Competition:

Okay so I’ll admit that they might not be the super perfect pair (all man-made things have flaws), which is why I’d like to show you what the other Henckels kitchen shears bring to the table. I suppose it’s pretty obvious at this stage that I’m am huge fan of Henckels and trust only one brand when it comes to kitchen shears.

So here are the other contenders in the run for the best Henckels Kitchen Shears

Henckels Gourmet Twin L Kitchen Shears

For a much more affordable price tag you can opt for the Twin L shears.

Be prepared to receive lower quality though, and plastic handles that aren’t part of the blade.

I suppose if your budget is a little on the tight side, these should work just fine.

Henckels Gourmet Twin L Kitchen Shears

Henckels Twinshear Kitchen Shears

If you’re into the “black handle look”, the Twinshear might be worth considering. They’re not made from plastic like the Twin L shears, and rather have carbon composite handles that feel a little bit sturdier and add some heft.

These shears are also suitable for left and right handed use and still offers superb balance and versatility.

Keep in mind that these shears will need some “breaking in” because they’re super hard to open and close in the initial stages.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twinshear Kitchen Shears

That about sums up my honest opinion of Henckels Kitchen Shears and by now, you should be armed with the right know-how to spot a good pair of shears, regardless of whether or not you want to stick with the trustworthy Henckels name.

Coming up next, I’ll tackle the topic of the best cutlery knives that are bound to impress your guests, even if your dish doesn’t turn out to be the star of the show.

Video for Super Henckels Kitchen Shears:

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