The Chicago Cutlery Insignia Review

An unbiased review of the Chicago Cutlery Insignia Steel Knife Set

Here’s the deal:

While I don’t advise against them, Cuisinart Knives are synonymous with budget knives that deliver…well just enough performance. If you sit down and do your homework you’ll find that there are a lot of brands that cater to the same market, yet bring higher quality and value to the chopping block.

One such a manufacturer is Chicago Cutlery and more specifically, their Insignia Cutlery Collection.

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Who is Chicago Cutlery?

These guys have been around the block and back and they’re best known for their high quality stainless steel materials used for their forging process. They strive in supplying the market with good quality kitchen knives that are affordable and durable.

Why the hype about Insignia?

Well the knives in the Insignia line are super durable, outstandingly strong and deliver the most precise cutting action with the full metal tang provides the avid home cook with great balance and safety.

The Chicago Cutlery Insignia Review – Know Everything about It

At a glance:

The Insignia line from Chicago Cutlery is made from materials that resist rust, stains and general wear and tear. The great thing about these knives is that they come with a full lifetime warranty, but don’t abuse them in the dishwasher. Thanks to Chicago’s awesome Taper Grind Edge Technology, these knives retain their razor sharp edges over longer periods of time and the collection is available in a 3, 4, 12 and 18 piece block set. This Chicago Cutlery Insignia Review will help you choose the best option for you.

Standout feature of this set:

The wicked in-block sharpener that keeps your edges in form and on-top of their game

The Block Set Includes:

  • 3 inch paring knife
  • 3 1/2 inch paring knife
  • 6 inch boning knife
  • 5 inch utility knife
  • 8 x 4-inch steak knives
  • 8 inch serrated bread knife
  • Kitchen shears
  • 7 inch Santoku
  • 8 inch slicer
  • 8 inch chef knife
  • Knife block with in-block sharpener

My Experience with the Insignia Collection

Look, I have to say that this set really gives you more than enough great kitchen tools and since the blades are all forged from high carbon stainless steel sporting stainless steel handles (hello durability!); they’re set to carry you through a lot of great years of cooking ahead of you.

I was quite taken with the razor sharp edges that this set arrived with, but that’s thanks to the Taper Grind Edge Technology they’re engineered with, which as a result gives you lasting sharpness and precision cuts. Oh and they do sharpen well if and when the need arises.

While I was testing these knives out on a whack load of veggies in the kitchen I could feel the strength of the full metal tang that effortlessly kept its balance. These knives felt right when I handled them.

So yes, I was caught in a brief moment of daydreaming. How on earth could this great value and superior craftsmanship be crammed into a price tag this affordable?

What others are saying:

It’s pretty apparent that customers were making happy waves about the Insignia line from Chicago Cutlery. Most customers praised the sharp edges and the fact that the knives will slice through anything with the utmost of ease.

Other people love their looks and the sheer swagger they bring to the table, not to mention the great variety of knives the 18-Piece set offers.

With an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 and over 100 customer reviews on Amazon, the proof is in the pudding that the best knives are not all German-made.

Who is this line for?

Essentially, the Insignia line (more specifically the 18-Piece Set) makes for a great starter choice or a handy addition to the home chef’s collection.

The Pros of the Chicago Insignia Line:

  • Their blades are made with high carbon steel
  • The knives boast seriously sharp edges that even I was happy with
  • It’s a great looking line of knives that reflect quality and durability
  • It’s an affordable alternative that still boasts durability and functionality

The Cons of the Chicago Insignia Line:

  • Carbon is prone to rust and stains if you don’t take good care of it
  • The 18-piece set from the Insignia line comes with non-serrated steak knives
  • It’s not the best line of kitchen knives out there, but then again for the price, they’re the best in their class
Chicago Cutlery Insignia Steel 18pc Stainless Steel Knife Block Set

Chicago Cutlery Insignia Steel 18pc Stainless Steel Knife Block Set


Final Thoughts

While my Chicago Cutlery Insignia Review points out the fact that this isn’t necessarily the best line of knives in the world, they are the best in their class, and for the money, they can’t be beat.

This is one of the brands I would happily recommend to the budget-conscious cook who wants to deck out their kitchen without breaking the bank!

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