What Is Chef’s Mate Knife Sharpener And How Is It Different From Chef’s Choice ?

I thought it was Chef’s Mate Knife Sharpener?

A lot of people mistake “Chef’s Choice” with “Chef’s Mate” actually. This is a very common mistake! Actually the brand “Chef’s Mate” does not exist.

About The Company

Chef’s Choice is a world renowned brand of small kitchen electrics of advanced technology that is manufactured by the company EdgeCraft Corporation located in Avondale, PA in USA. This brand includes the largest selection of manual and electric knife sharpeners, waffle makers, electric food slicers and hot beverage products in the world, available in more than 70 countries.


EdgeCraft Corporation was founded in the year 1984 which introduced the brand Chef’s Choice, and its first product was the electric knife sharpener which made its debut in 1985. In the year 1995, the Chef’s Choice products made the official debut in commercial kitchens. After receiving requests from chefs and professionals from the food industry for the home use electric sharpener’s commercial version, the company introduced the Chef’s Choice Commercial Diamond Hone Model 2000 that was specially designed for the use by caterers, restaurants and other industrial users.

Types Of Electric Knife Sharpeners

Chef’s Choice has a number of electric knife sharpeners available in the market. Here is a brief overview of the different models of Chef’s Choice Electric knife Sharpeners.

Model 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener


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Both a 20 degree angle and a 15 degree angle can be restored and recreated in this sharpener. This model has patented flexible polishing or stropping discs and 100% diamond abrasives which create an edge with high level of sharpness and durability. It can very quickly and easily sharpen most of the quality cutlery of Asian, American and European style household knives, serrated blades or fine edges, sports knives, pocket knives, single bevel edges of traditional Japanese style.

Model 120 EdgeSelect Professional Knife Sharpeners


This sharpener has a revolutionary polishing /stropping disk in stage 3 and 100% diamond coated conical disks in stages 1 and 2. Edges with unprecedented durability and sharpness are obtained within seconds on serrated knives and straight or fine edged knives.

Model 130 Professional Sharpening Station


This model is able to professionally sharpen all types and brands of knives like kitchen, sports or pocket knives, Asian style knives, serrated or straight edge knives very quickly. It has three stages; Stage 1 has 100% diamond abrasives that sharpen the edges. A super hardened miniature steel is present in Stage 2 which develops a sharp edge with very sharp microscopic teeth, a flexible stropping disk is present in Stage 3 that polish the edges to hair splitting sharpness.

Model 112 Diamond UltraHone Knife Sharpeners


Stages 1 and 2 of this model has 100% diamond coated conical disks, and Stage 3 of the model has advanced micron size 100% diamond technology that produce a strong edge. As the knife is sharpened, optimal sharpening pressure is applied by its 100% diamond abrasive disks which never detemper the knife’s edge.

Model 312 Diamond UltraHone Knife Sharpener


This is a 2 Stage electric knife sharpener that sharpens both serrated and straight edge knives in minutes. Stage 1 has 100% fine diamond abrasives that create the first bevel, while Stage 2 has 100% diamond abrasives of micron size that ultra hones the edges for completing the second bevel. Its conical diamond abrasive disks apply optimal sharpening pressure gently, which detempers the knives’ edges. It sharpens various types of knives including household, kitchen, pocket and sporting knives.

Model 320 FlexHone / Strop Professional Knife Sharpener


It is a 2 Stage sharpener with Stage 1 having 100% diamond coated conical disks and Stage 2 having revolutionary polishing / stropping disk. It resharpens with the removal of less metal than the conventional means. It has angle guides of high precision that eliminates all guess work and brings an unprecedented sharpness to serrated and fine edged knives.

Model 110 Multi-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener


It has a 3 Stage process, and its foolproof Bi-level magnetic guides and 100% diamond abrasives create razor sharp edges on knives. It is safe for use on quality knives and kitchen, hunting, fishing and pocket knives.

Model 310 Multi-Stage Compact Knife Sharpeners



It is an electric knife sharpener with 2 Stages and it uses foolproof Bi-level magnetic guides and 100% diamond orbiting abrasives for giving sharper and long lasting edges to the knives. It is able to sharpen full blade edges of pocket knives, fishing and kitchen knives.

Model 270 Diamond Hone Hybrid Knife Sharpeners



It is one of the most advanced Hybrid model that combines the renowned CrissCross sharpening technology and manual and electric sharpening stages to provide razor sharp edges and superior edge geometry on serrated and straight edged knives, sports knives, pocket knives, kitchen and household knives. It features steel knife guides that are stainless steel, durable and elegant. The Stages 1 and 2 of this are electric and uses 100% diamond abrasives, while Stage 3 has ultra fine diamond abrasive wheels.

Model 250 Diamond Hone Hybrid Knife Sharpeners


It has 3 Stages which creates triple bevel edges. The 1st and 2nd stage is electric and 100% diamond abrasive is used, while the 3rd Stage uses ultra fine diamond for sharpening. Stage 3 is manual and can be used anywhere, anytime, without power.

Model 220 DiamondHone Hybrid Knife Sharpener


It has 2 sharpening stages where Stage 1 is electric and Stage 2 is manual. It is able to sharpen serrated and straight edge knives, household, kitchen, sports and pocket knives.

Model 15 Trizor XV Knife Sharpener



It is able to sharpen double bevel or single bevel traditional knives of Asian style. It features multi-stages with patented, flexible stropping disks and 100% diamond abrasives.

Model 315S Diamond Sharpener For Asian Knives



It is the ultimate sharpener for all knives of Asian style. It has a 2 Stage sharpening process with 100% diamond abrasives and flexible ultra-fine micron size abrasives.

Model 316 Diamond Sharpener For Asian Knives


It is able to put factory sharp, precision edges to all Asian style knives, Japanese blades of traditional single-bevel style, Chinese style thinner and cleavers. Both the stages of this sharpener have 100% diamond abrasives.

All the above knife sharpeners are some of the best ones for sharpening different kinds of knives, which can help anyone to easily and quickly sharpen their knives on a regular basis.

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