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Cheap Hunting Equipment – The Secret For Saving Hundreds!

Helping you to get locked and loaded without breaking the budget

So you want to up your game when it comes to hunting, but money is (as always) the issue?

I feel you

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As a married man, I have a couple of restrictions on my “dream” of going pro in the hunting department. There’s the wife, the kid, that thing called family responsibility and quite obviously cash flow.

But do you want to know a little secret?

I’ve found a perfect way to get around the financial aspect. You might say “cheap hunting equipment”, but I like to think of it as the best bang for my buck. Pun intended.

Now I know what you’re thinking:

He can’t be serious! Everybody knows that the best gear is the most expensive gear.”

While that statement isn’t totally incorrect, it certainly doesn’t apply to every single piece of gear you’ll need for hunting. And I’m here to prove that to you.

Hi guys. My name is John.

I’m just your average American guy that loves my family yet still values my “man time”. And for me, hunting equals the ultimate man time. I’m going to be your guide for helping you find the best cheap hunting gear out there, that’s not only going to perform, but it’s also going to last. Make sure you stay tuned to my daily posts where I’ll share top insider secrets with you!

First things first:

Since I don’t know what your exact budget is, I’ll be showing you a range of items. Some of them are budget buys beyond measure, while some of them won’t be the cheapest, but they’ll be the best investment in the long run.

For now though, let’s just focus on ways you can save before, during and after the hunting season.

Here’s how cheap hunting equipment will save your hard earned money:

General Money Saving Tips

  • Always browse around the clearance items first; this especially applies to large items you’re only going to use once or twice a year like your boots, a rifle perhaps, a knife etc.
  • Modern day women are seriously on top of this “frugal living” thing, so they’re experts at making loads of things from scratch. My wife helps me stock up on snacks, scent killing sprays and wipes and scent attractants. If you don’t have a female counterpart, this blog by Dave Cristinzio of Pro Hunter’s Journal is your best friend for D.I.Y
  • Whenever you come across a bulk deal, grab it and go! The deer hunting season is essentially 16 days long, the rest of the year leaves you to stock up and prepare for this.
  • If you’re using a rifle, opt for one that uses readily available ammo. And yes, cheap bullets are FINE. Bullets are like golf balls, the marginal difference between the best and standard bullets won’t make much difference in your end results.
  • Buy sensibly. This means not buying what you think you want, but what you know you’ll need!
  • Don’t cheap out on safety; it’s the one place where it’s not okay!
  • Don’t invest in scent wicks. Honestly it’s just chunks of cotton. You can find this anywhere in your house. A bag of cotton balls or one of your wife’s feminine hygiene products works just as well. It doesn’t look awesome, but it does an awesome job and saves you hundreds!
  • Buy online. I do it, and so should you. I love the fact that there are literally millions of products online that have all been tried and tested by other people, and the best part is they share their experience with me, so I know when something’s crap or when its top notch!

That’s my essential list for saving on gear every year, and yes, sometimes I love to indulge on a good knife that’s probably going to outlive me, but for the rest of it, I turn to cheap hunting equipment, and I’m not even ashamed to say it. 

Here are my last thoughts:

Fancy hunting boots, scent blockers and special camo, all of that stuff. Is just stuff.

I OWN all of that stuff (full disclosure), but I’m also a consumer who likes to spend my hard earned cash on other things too, like my house and investment funds.

Hunting isn’t exactly a cheap hobby, and the expenses can add up stinking fast too. But there are ways to navigate around it and get your hunting gear on a limited budget!

And that’s a wrap for now.

Coming up next, I’ve got bucket loads full of info to share with you. We’ll be taking a look at what Bow Hunting Beginners need to know and also discuss the issue surrounding fluted knives and if they’re really worth having.

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