Ceramic Pocket Knife Eeview

Ceramic Pocket Knife / Folding Knife Review : Our Best 5!

We all know how effective and durable ceramic blades are. We all know just how handy they are when they come in the form of a pocket knife. Easy to carry with you and whip out when you need it right?

The only problem is that there are so many different makes and models that it becomes impossible to differentiate between which one to choose. To make things a little easier for you we have compiled a list of 5 of the best ceramic pocket knives on the market.

1. Schrade Ceramic/Carbon Fiber Clip Folder Pocket Knife

The Schrade Company guarantees a stamp of quality and fine craftsmanship when it comes to their pocket knives. It’s no different with this model. It’s made with high quality ceramic and carbon fiber that reinforces the strength of the blade which means it’s very durable and reliable.

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It’s your new best friend when it comes to going outdoors. The super sharp blade will make cutting tough items seem like child’s play.

Schrade Ceramic/Carbon Fiber Clip Folder Pocket Knife


2. Stone River Gear Carbon Fiber Handle Ceramic Folding Pocket Knife

This knife from Stone River Gear guarantees that the super strong ceramic blade of this knife holds edge up to 12 times longer than steel. The size of the knife is great for everyday use and the carbon fiber handle gives you great grip.

What’s also great about this knife is the slightly blunted tip that serves as a safety feature. The blade will cut through just about anything and the immaculate design will ensure that it stays in tip top shape for years to come. It really is a masterpiece of a pocket knife and should be an addition to any collector’s range.

Stone River Gear Carbon Fiber Handle Ceramic Folding Pocket Knife



3. Boker Plus Ceramic Gamma Pocket Knife

This sturdy pocket knife is great for carrying in your pocket. It has a super sharp and durable ceramic blade that easily and effectively cuts through just about anything. The sturdy liner lock mechanism ensures it never opens up accidentally. It’s a utility knife and can be used for many different tasks. The ceramic blade is secured by 2 steel plates, giving it a little weight and making it more durable.

Boker Plus Ceramic Gamma Pocket Knife


4. Stone River Gear Ceramic Folding Hunting Pocket Knife

Another one from the Stone River Gear company, and once again, their flawless workmanship doesn’t fail and the quality is of top standard. It has beautifully finished Desert Ironwood Handles and the Black Zirconium Oxide Ceramic blade that cuts through just about anything.

You’ll rarely have to sharpen this blade and can trust it to be a reliable workhorse for years to come. It has a great design with top quality stamp of guarantee behind it.

Stone River Gear Ceramic Folding Hunting Pocket Knife with Desert Ironwood Handles


5. Benchmark Knives Ceramic Liner Lock Pocket Knife

This piece from the Benchmark Knives Company comes with black textured carbon fiber handles that gives it a great grip. Its razor sharp straight out of the box and will make cutting through tough materials seem effortless. The blade is however a little delicate and should be treated with care. It has an attractive price and for everyday use it really is a great item to have on hand.

Ceramic Linerlock Pocket Knife with Black Textured Carbon Fiber Handles



This article lists 5 different, equally great pocket knives but if we have to single out a specific item, it would definitely be the Stone River Gear Ceramic Folding Knife. It’ll give you exceptional value for your money, cut through basically anything and maintain sharpness for a very long time.

The grip on this knife makes it super easy to use and really makes working with it a pleasure. It’s very durable and reliable and with the size it makes for the perfect everyday ceramic pocket knife.

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