The Best Ceramic Knives That Will Complete Your Experience

Here’s why you’d probably be better of having at least one great ceramic knife in your collection

Guys…you probably noticed that I said collection, and not just “why you should invest in a ceramic knife”.

When used in the kitchen, these zirconium oxide knives (I’m just being fancy here, I’m talking about ceramics) tackle fruit cutting and meat slicing like it’s an art form.

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I have a sneaky little secret…they work pretty darn well for outdoor use too, and to be honest, I wasn’t totally sold on the idea until my wife got me the Stone River Gear Ceramic Folding Hunting Knife for my birthday last year.

Ever since that, I’ve been effortlessly cutting through everything and everything from rope, to paper and field applications in-between.

But here’s the catch: 

These knives come in a massive variety of shapes and sizes with different handle materials, and essentially, the best ceramic knife for you is going to be the one that best suits your intended use for it.

Although they vary in appearance and the features they boast, ceramic knives are all super sharp, lightweight and a little more resistant to rust and pitting. Oh and they rock at holding an edge.

The Best Ceramic Knives & Steel Knives – how they measure up

Steel knives are great when it comes to durability and their capability of cutting through bones. They come in at a lower cost than ceramic knives and are more prone to rust than ceramics (yes, ceramic knives ARE rust free). The other piece of beef I have with steel blades is that they’re porous which means they will transfer odors from one food to another. Oh…and you’ll need to sharpen them constantly.

Ceramic knives on the other hand are super strong and hold their edge like it’s their middle name. They’re made from the second hardest material after diamond, which ensures you that they’re durable and reliable. Since they’re non-porous, ceramic blades are more hygienic and also easier to work with for extended period of time thanks to their light weight.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. No man-made item is perfect, so I have to point out the flaws in ceramic knives. These knives were not meant to be used on hard foods or bone, unless of course you really want to try and chip the blade. The one other drawback is that ceramics ARE more expensive than steel knives.

Why buy a ceramic knife?

Well, they might not have all the versatility of steel knives, but ceramics are worth every cent you spend on them. If you don’t have time for constant sharpening and you don’t want to deal with the schlep of rust, I would highly suggest you treat yourself and indulge in one of the best ceramic knives out there.

Okay, I know! I haven’t’ shown you what the best ceramic knife brands are yet right? Well, just hold on, I’m getting to the good part.

The Best Ceramic Knives for Outdoorsmen

Stone River Gear Black Ceramic Hunting Knife SRG41RCB

I loved the performance of this 3 1/4 inch ceramic blade with its drop point, and the overall length of 7 3/4 inches made the fit feel just right in my hand. These knives make great gifts since they come wrapped in frilly little gift boxes, ideal for your advancing hunter friend. 

The Pros:

  • The Sure Grip textured rubberized handle ensures you have a firm grip even when things get a little wet out in the field
Stone River Gear SRG41RCB Black Ceramic Hunting Knife with Rubberized Handle

Stone River Gear SRG41RCB Black Ceramic Hunting Knife with Rubberized Handle


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