A list of knife sharpening stones useful for knives used in the kitchen and outdoor

Lansky Knife Sharpener Review
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Lansky Knife Sharpener Review: A brand to be reckoned with

The manufacturer of high quality knife sharpeners Lansky has an amazing range of products that have been designed to make your life easier and ensure that your knives stay sharp for as long as you use their sharpeners. The high quality sharpeners…
Gransfors Bruks Sharpening Stone
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Gransfors Bruks Axe Sharpening Stones - Why We Love Them?

So you have an axe and you’ve been doing great at chopping up your own firewood, but now your tool seems to be losing its touch. When blades become blunt the work becomes a schlep and that’s really not part of the plan. You want to be able…
Best Wet Stone Knife Sharpener

Best Wet Stone Knife Sharpener - in our opinion

There are literally thousands of wetstones out there. So how do you pick just one? How do you decide which tool you should use to sharpen and smooth your finest blades? You surely don’t want to spend thousands in the search for finding the…
Best Electric Wet Stone Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Wet Stone Knife Sharpener

We all have basic knife sharpening tools in our kitchens to help us keep our cutting tools in tip top shape. There’s the wet stone sharpeners for general sharpening, the honing steel to maintain edges and then there are times when you just…
Edge Pro Professional Kit 4 Knife Sharpener System
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The Best Hunting Knife Sharpener - Here’s What You Need to Know

If you don’t already own one of the best hunting knife sharpeners already, prepare to go shopping! “John buddy, what can I use to sharpen my Gerber Gator’s blade?” I got that email this morning and honestly had to just sit back and…
Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic
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Want To Own A Best Cheap Knife Sharpener? Read This Now!

I’ve got all the great reasons why you shouldn’t underestimate that budget buy sharpener I take great pride in my hunting knives. They look sharp…but when they’re not performing sharp I don’t have any reason to brag about them. Now…
Taylor's Eye Chantry Knife Sharpener, White
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All about Knife Sharpening Methods - Sharpening Your Skills!

Your definite guide to learning the art of blade sharpening Whether you see it as an art form, a great little hobby, or a pesky task, sharpening your knives is not negotiable if you want to dish up impressive meals, it’s an absolute must. I…
Best Japanese Sharpening Stone

Best Japanese Sharpening Stone You Can Buy Even if You are not in Japan!

TL;DR - Best Japanese Sharpening Stones 1) King Japanese Sharpening Stone – Combination Waterstone 250 - This portable and lightweight stone has a 250 grit surface that works great on taking out small chips on your blade or for a little…