BlizeTec Survival Fixed Blade Knife: 3-in-1 Full Tang Hunting Knife

All about BlizeTec Survival Fixed Blade Knife

Functional, durable and incomparable, here’s what you need to know about the BlizeTec Survival Fixed Blade Knife. Let’s all agree: A hunter’s gear is incomplete if it doesn’t include at least one great survival knife. Knowing you’ve…
Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket

The Best Gifts for Hunters - Updated and Crammed Full of Great Ideas

Read this now if you’re still not sure what the best gifts for hunters are! Here’s the deal: I started out Gift Ideas for Hunters, but since there are so many more awesome gift ideas for the hunters, I’m just going to throw a bunch in…
Tops Knives Tom Brown Tracker
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Big Hunting Knives - On Point and Always Ready to Go

Listen up big game hunters…I’ve got the best rated big hunting knives all lined up here! Here’s the deal: We’re not all Rambo, and we certainly don’t need machete style knives to filet soldiers from head to toe. We’re average Joe’s…
CRKT Ken Onion - Onion Skinner Knife

Small Hunting Knives - Here’s Why They Shouldn’t Be Underestimated

A small hunting knife can be one of the best hunting tools ever, and here’s why… I know: Choosing a great hunting knife is not an easy task. I mean there’s a plethora of them out there. Get onto the net and the world suddenly seems infinitely…
Fallkniven No 4 Frej Fixed Blade Knife, 5.125in, Stainless Blade, Stacked Leather Handle

The Best Steel for Knives? What's Your Hunting Knife made of?

Stainless Steel and Carbon (Ceramic too!)…they’re all competing to be the best hunting blade steel, but the winner is…  What is the best steel for hunting knives? That’s easy. S… Okay seriously though: Before I just give you…
Buck Knives 390 Omni Hunter Fixed Blade Knife with Heavy-Duty Nylon Sheath

The Best Knives for Hunting – Options Are Here

Your guide to the best knives for hunting…no matter what your budget may be! So *Rob* wrote to me wanting to know what the best ever hunting knives were and what his options were considering his budget was a little tight to say the least. So…
Custom Laser Engraved Buck Nobleman Knife

5 of the Best Engraved Hunting Knives: Revealed

Extending your list of options for personalized hunting gifts with the best engraved hunting knives? Read this now! Okay so I’ve already talked about how personalized hunting gifts are golden, and the options are virtually endless. But you…
Knife King "Emperor" Custom Damascus Handmade Hunting Knife

Want To Buy a Personalized Hunting Knife? Waste No Time

Read this BEFORE you invest in a personalized hunting knife!  I have a confession to make: I don’t like personalized hunting knives as gifts from someone who doesn’t know me on a personal level. Do you feel me? Recently I got an email…
Custom Hunting Gift Enter Last Name Date Personalized Big Rectangle Bamboo Cutting Board Bamboo

Personalized Hunting Gifts - Here’s Why You Need to Consider Them

All you need to know and more about the best personalized hunting gifts Here’s the deal: Last year my wife got me an awesome personalized survival knife as a gift for our anniversary. It might not have been the top of the range knife,…