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The Best Hiking Knife to Carry on Your Next Journey

 Hiking is one of my favorite past times and when I'm out on the trail ways I always make sure to pack my hiking knife.  At first, I didn't know what to look for when choosing the best hiking knife, but after some research, I was able to find…

The Best Backpacking Knife - For the Serious Hiker

Backpacking is one of the best ways to experience the wilderness, and having the best backpacking knife for your needs should be a critical part of your plan.  Experienced backpackers know that you need to pack light and effectively when out…
Peck Razor
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Best Knife for Backpacking, Hiking and Camping

When it comes to knives for backpacking, there’s a dizzyingly field of variety on the market today. A knife that’s perfect for your backpacking adventures should be a general purpose tool, one that’s lightweight and easy to use. So how…

The Best Camping Axe for Tackling the Wild

If you are like me, camping is one of your favorite things to do and before I even think of stepping foot in the wild, I make sure to pack the best camping axe for my needs.  Camping provides you with an escape from the bustle of everyday life…