Best Japanese Sharpening Stone

Best Japanese Sharpening Stone You Can Buy Even if You are not in Japan!

TL;DR - Best Japanese Sharpening Stones 1) King Japanese Sharpening Stone – Combination Waterstone 250 - This portable and lightweight stone has a 250 grit surface that works great on taking out small chips on your blade or for a little…

The Best Fixed Blade Survival Knife to Carry in the Wild

Hi, it’s your favorite hunter John again, back with another action packed discussion.  This time we are delving into a search for the best fixed blade survival knife.  People are always asking me knife related questions like “what is the the…
Santoku Knife 7 Inch by Zelite Infinity. Best Quality Japanese VG10 Super Steel 67 Layer High Carbon Stainless Steel

Revealed: The Top 10 Kitchen Knives

10 Of The Best Kitchen Knives. Tried. Tested. And found to be True. Armed with a good kitchen knife, anyone can master basic culinary skills and up their game in the kitchen. I’ve talked about what is my favorite In The Best Quality Kitchen…
Kershaw Cryo

The Best Single Blade Folding Pocket Knife for Survival Situations

Pocket knives are important tools that can be vital in survival, and every day, situations. But when it comes to this simple item that’s been around for centuries, which one do you pick? Do you opt for the one with loads of complicated gadgets,…
Best Home Knife Sharpener

Best Home Knife Sharpener: Learn What Matters

If you are running a kitchen, be that of a commercial dining or your home, from time to time you would come across the need of a knife sharpener. This is a tool that renews your knives- one of the most important kitchen tools. Now think of a…
SOG-TAC Automatic

Our Top 5 Picks of The Best Switchblades

When it comes to knife usage, speed and dependability makes all the difference in the world, which is where the Automatic / Switchblade knives come in handy! So what is a Switchblade? Switchblades are knives with long folding or sliding blades…
Wüsthof 4281 Oyster Knife

The Best Oyster Knife Every Oyster Lover Should Have!

TL;DR - Our Pick of the Best Oyster Knives 1) OXO Good Grips Oyster Knife - We love this stainless steel knife because it has a soft grip, which is essential if you’re going to be opening a lot of oysters. 2) Victorinox Oyster Knife…
Peck Razor
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Best Knife for Backpacking, Hiking and Camping

When it comes to knives for backpacking, there’s a dizzyingly field of variety on the market today. A knife that’s perfect for your backpacking adventures should be a general purpose tool, one that’s lightweight and easy to use. So how…
Bowie knife

What is a Bowie Knife? and why should you care?

With a rich history dating back more than 180 years, the Bowie Knife is a legend of sorts, and if you don’t know what it is, it’s time to learn all about it! What is a Bowie Knife and who created it? Designed by Colonel James Bowie and…