Best Wet Stone Knife Sharpener

Best Wet Stone Knife Sharpener – In Our Opinion

There are literally thousands of wetstones out there. So how do you pick just one? How do you decide which tool you should use to sharpen and smooth your finest blades? You surely don’t want to spend thousands in the search for finding the perfect fit.

5 Best Wet Stone Knife Sharpener To Sharpen Your Finest Blades

We have put together a list of some of the top names and products you’ll find on the market today. Have a look at what is on offer and allow this article to help you decide which one to pick.

1. Whetstone Cutlery Two Sided Stone Knife Sharpener

Whetstone Cutlery Two-Sided Wetstone Knife Sharpener

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This stone is versatile and with its two different grit surfaces it’s not hard to see why. The one side has a 400 grit surface which is great for rough grinding that will reshape blade edges, and then the other side has a 1000 grot surface which you use for smoothing, finishing and polishing.

A great feature that this stone has is the slurry that gets produced from the water & worn product of sharpening helps smooth and sharpen the blade to a perfect finish. You have to keep in mind that this stone has to be pre-soaked in water for at least 15 minutes to ensure optimal results.

2. DMT 6-in One Diamond Whetstone Sharpener

Diamond Whetstone Sharpener - Fine With Plastic Box


The monocrystalline diamond surface on this whetstone ensures that your blade gets sharpened to perfection in the shortest time possible with great results every time. The stone can be used with or without water and no honing oil is used for smoothing purposes.

The fine grit surface has impeccable sharpening properties and will prove to sharpen even those blades that have serious wear and tear on them.

3. Suehiro Japanese Whetstone Sharpening Water Stone Knife Sharpener 1000/3000

Suehiro Japanese Whetstone Sharpening Water Stone Knife Sharpener


This stone is great when you want some versatility. The one side of the stone has a 1000 grit surface for sharpening and the other side has a 3000 grit surface which works wonders for polishing and finishing. The stone will require some pre-soaking for at least 10 minutes to ensure you obtain the best possible results, but this product really delivers a great outcome and fits anyone’s budget.

4. King 1000/6000 Combination Knife Sharpening Water stone

King Two Sided Knife Sharpening Stone with Base

The manufacturer of this stone has a reputation of producing some of the best quality Japanese style stones around. What’s great about this stone is the 1000 grit surface on the one side which is used for sharpening dull blades, while the 6000 grit on the other side is used for getting the perfect smooth finish.

The 1000 grit can be used for re-profiling a blade, but you’ll have to work slowly and have lots of patience. It’s best used for general sharpening and smoothing.

5. Combination Corundum Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone 600/1000

taidea T 6260w


This stone made from Corundum is very durable, lightweight and portable. It has a 600 grit surface which is used for re-profiling a blade in cases of serious damage and then it has a 1000 grit surface which is great for sharpening and general smoothing of the blade.

It’s great to have on hand in the kitchen when you quickly need to sharpen your tools and with its durability will prove to be a long lasting friend in the sharpening department.

If there’s one product on this list that really stands out above the crowd, it has to be the DMT 6-in one Diamond Whetstone. The diamond grit surface really sharpens blade to an incredible extent and does this in a fraction of the time it takes regular stones to deliver those results.

It’s also great that it can be used with or without water and with an attractive price this unit should definitely become part of any knife enthusiast’s sharpening collection.

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