The Best Poultry Shears You’ll Ever Own!

Cutting through the masses to help you find the best pair of poultry shears ever!

There’s something seriously satisfying about cutting up poultry fast and easy. Well, at least when you’re armed with the right tool.

The tool I’m referring to today is the best poultry shears.

I know, I know. You probably already own shears as part of a knife set, but you need to keep in mind that the best kitchen scissors (shears) are all created differently, and purchasing the right one will allow you to ingest in shears that suit your needs and the kind of work you have in mind for it.

After a long and tiring search attempt, I finally found a pair of kitchen shears that tick all the boxes I needed ticked, but I know that there are a lot of you who need some solid advice on what to look for.

That’s why I decided to jolt down my thoughts and tell you a little more about the experience I had. I’m hoping that you’ll be able to learn something from the words written on this page, and that by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be confident enough to purchase a pair of top shears!


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Best Poultry Shears

Have a look at my 5 best poultry shears round-up, listed from my favorite to my not-so-favorite models. Enjoy!

Number One – Kershaw Taskmaster Kitchen Shears

Kershaw Taskmaster Kitchen Shears

Kershaw’s Taskmaster Kitchen Shears comes in as my favorite pick, and the reason for that is because it’s affordable within most average family budgets, plus it offers you a high-quality stainless steel design with an ergonomic grip! These shears easily cut through chicken and the way they glide through tough cartilage makes them an absolute pleasure to use in my kitchen!


The Kershaw Taskmaster Shears have blades that consist of one straight edge and one serrated edge, but it also has a bone notch that’s ideal for cutting through those very rugged foods. Furthermore these shears sport a bottle opener, small and large size jar openers, non-slip composite handles, and handy screwdriver tips.

I love the high quality materials used in the design of these shears, and the fact that it has a locking pivot to ensure the blades won’t come apart under pressure is a great added bonus. The blades of these shears are sharp enough to handle any task, and using these shears is generally a comfortable experience.

The Pros:

  • High quality materials
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Very sharp blades
  • Very versatile

The Cons:

  • The handles are a tad too small
  • Prolonged usage may become uncomfortable


Number Two – Shun Kitchen Shears

Shun Kitchen Shears

So the parent company of Kershaw is Shun, which means that they deliver the same basic concept of kitchen tools to the market, but with a lot more oomph and quality backing it. It’s the same when it comes to their professional kitchen shears.


The Shun Showcase Professional Grade Shears has 4-inch-long blades and an overall length of 9 inches. The great thing about these shears is the fact that they totally come apart for easy cleaning and sharpening purposes. Full tang extensions into the handles is something which is standard on these shears, and since they’re made with VG-10 super-steel, they’re very precise and deliver crisp cutting, time after time.


With a large D-shaped bottom handle, the Shun Kitchen Shears are made with rubber composite handles, which makes them that much more comfortable to use, especially over prolonged periods of time.


The Pros:

  • Comes apart completely for easy cleaning and sharpening
  • Made with VG-10 super-steel
  • Has one micro-serrated edge
  • Very comfortable to use


The Cons:

  • Can be used by right-handed cooks only
  • A bit on the expensive side of the affordability scale

Number Three – Tojiro-Pro Separable Kitchen Shears

Tojiro-Pro Separable Kitchen Shears

The Pro shears from Tojiro are made with high-quality stainless steel and are forged in a one-piece construction, making them super durable. Their blades, tangs, and handles are also cast in one piece, which means that these shears can take on heavy duty tasks with a smile.


Blades on these shears are micro-serrated and measure in at a length of 4 inches. One of the best things about the Tojiro Pro Shears is the fact that they can comfortably be used by either left or right-handed cooks.


The shears that I took for a test drive came standard with a bottle opener, two screwdriver tips, and a jar opener. The adjustable pivot joint separates at 95 degrees, making the shears easy to clean and sharpen as well.


If I had to point out something which I wasn’t exactly crazy about, it would have to be the fact that these shears are made for a domestic Japanese market, point made when I saw the small handles they came fitted with.


The Pros:

  • Very high quality
  • Ergonomic design
  • Very sturdy
  • Pivot joint separates easily for cleaning and sharpening


The Cons:

  • Very small handles
  • The blades that come apart at a 95 degree angle might frustrate some cooks


Number Four – Wusthof Come-Apart Shears

Wusthof Come-Apart Shears

Wusthof, as a brand, is one of my personal favorites when it comes to investing in high-quality kitchen shears, any kitchen tools for that matter! Their 8-inch come-apart kitchen shears are no example to the rule. These shears, just like my number one pick – Kershaw Taskmaster Kitchen Shears – easily cut through cartilage and make tackling a chicken-related job in the kitchen an absolute breeze.


As the name implies, these shears totally come apart, which makes sharpening and cleaning them that much easier. I love these shears because they’re very sharp and was built with sturdiness in mind.

The Come-Apart Shears from Wusthof are very evenly balanced, and because they sport symmetrical handles, they can be used by left-and-right-handed cooks. These shears feature one serrated blade edge, which gives you better grip, and with synthetic handles, these shears are slip-free, even when your hands are wet.


The Pros:

  • Very strong and sturdy shears
  • Very sharp
  • Easy to clean and sharpen


The Cons:

  • They come apart a little too easily while cutting
  • These shears will rust up if you place them in the dishwasher


Number Five – R.H Forschner Victorinox Kitchen Shears

R.H Forschner Victorinox Kitchen Shears

Whenever I utter the words Victorinox, I immediately let my thoughts drift towards a Swiss Army Knife, and the kitchen shears in question here are almost as die-hard as the knife I just mentioned.


The Victorinox Kitchen Shears are all made in Germany using high-quality stainless steel for forging. I love the fact that these shears are finished by hand in Switzerland by the finest of craftsmen.


This pair of shears measures in at an overall length of 10 inches, with 4 inch blades that have a Rockwell hardness rating of 55-57. This means that they’re super tough, perfect for taking on heavy duty tasks.


Furthermore, the tempered edges of these great poultry shears can easily be re-sharpened without the fear of damaging the blades. I appreciated the ergonomic design of the handles, which are made with polypropylene, ensuring that cooks have the best comfort levels as well as keeping safety in mind.

The Pros:

  • They have very sharp blades
  • They can cut through a huge range of foods
  • Provides a smooth cutting experience

The Cons:

  • The handles are a little light to my liking
  • The handles are a little too small


Final Thoughts

As you can see, I’ve shown you 5 of the market’s top poultry shears, shears that can be used for a wide range of applications, and shears that will probably last throughout the ages. I hope that my experience with reviewing these items has somehow given you new insight as to what you should be looking out for when considering a new pair of kitchen shears for your cooking adventures.


Next up, I’ll be giving you some great information to help you find the best kitchen scissors south of the sun. If you’re keen on the whole shears idea, make sure you check out that post to help you decide which option best suits your cooking and cutting needs!


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