Ontario 8846 RAT Folding Knife (Black)

All About Best Pocket Knife Brands – Girl In Charge

Your ultimate guide to pocket knives and the reasons why you should consider investing in them

Before my culinary wings really started taking flight, a pocket knife was something I considered to be the ultimate boy’s gadget. What could I possibly do with it?

Turns out…a LOT! Truth is knives (of all sorts) are useful things to have with you, whether it’s for cooking or survival applications, cutting packages open or whatever other use.

Today, I’ll be tackling the topic of The Best Pocket Knife Brands, and off course, I’ll be focusing on pocket knives for women.

If you’re keen to known all about what types of folding knives there are (that women will enjoy by the way), sit back and relax…things are about to get interesting.

Here’s the deal:

Women generally need a pocket knife that’s not ridiculously expensive, is easy to use and requires little maintenance. Knife collecting is not one of my hobbies (although I’m passionate about kitchen knives), and I’m guessing that it’s not the number one hobby of the average woman out there, so let’s just stick to we need straightforward pocket knives that can be used for multiple purposes.

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The 5 Best Pocket Knives Brands for Women:


I’ve rounded up 5 of the Best Pocket Knife Brands out there that are best suited to be carried by women. They’re effective, efficient, durable and lightweight…just what women need.

If you don’t want to read the full buying guide, I’ve summarized the top picks here. If you like what you see, be sure to read on to get the full specs and overview of each of my favorites.

  1. Ontario Rat 1 (or 2)
  2. Benchmade 555HG Mini Griptilian
  3. Victorinox Alox Cadet
  4. Spyderco Squeak
  5. Kershaw Chive

This is important:

The knives that I picked as the best, aren’t necessarily just for women, they just have all the qualities that I love (and all women need) to see in a good pocket knife.

That being said…there are a few guidelines to stick by when you’re considering a pocket knife.

Traits of the Best Pocket Knives:

It goes without saying that the best pocket knife for you is the one that does what you use it for, and does it well.  Here are my top tips for what’s important when you’re shopping:

  • The BRAND is super important – always invest in the best pocket knife you can afford. I’ll tell you all about the brands in just a short while.
  • The best pocket knives have superb steel blades
  • The best pocket knives have amazing handles that make using them as comfortable as possible
  • The best pocket knives come with safety locks for obvious reasons

The Big Players – The Best Pocket Knife Brands


Coming in as a highly respected brand, Benchmade has been around since 1988 and are best known for their AXIS locking mechanism. With the name comes a guarantee of superior steel, durable designs and price tags that cater for just about every budget.


Also an old name in the industry, Kershaw Knives has been around since 1974. Kershaw is mainly a manufacturer of pocket and sporting knives, which means, you can trust them for excellent quality. They also have a wide variety of models that cater for every market segment.


Probably most famous for their “spyder-hole” opening mechanism, Spyderco is another big player in the game of pocket knives. They have an impressive array of 20 different blade materials on offer, which isn’t surprising considering the fact that their humble beginnings date back to 1976.


This seems like a no-brainer, but for those of you who aren’t up to speed, Victorinox is the manufacturer of the ever-so-famous Swiss Army Knife. They HAVE to be on this list because they are the brains behind one of the best darn pocket knives ever invented!


I had to get Ontario in here because they are leaders in the field of affordable yet reliable pocket knives. A lot of consumers just can’t afford the ridiculous price tags that most knives come with, which is why Ontario Knives are the perfect solution to the problem. For a relatively lower cost, you still get excellent quality knives that can tackle just about any task thrown at them.

Okay, now we’re up to speed here. You’ve got the basics down and can tell a good pocket knife from a great pocket knife, and you also know what brands you can rely on. Now it’s time to take a little in-depth look at why I chose those 5 pocket knives that are best suited for women.

The Best Pocket Knives Brands for Women Review

Ontario Rat 1 (or 2)

The Rat line from Ontario Knives is popular for one very good reason: they are affordable!

I’ve found the elegant drop point of these pocket knives useful for an array of uses including opening boxes and packages.

Here’s a bonus: you can use it as an emergency food prep knife and the build is solid since the plastic scale handle in laid over a steel frame.

When it comes to stylish colors, you can have your pick: pink, brown, green, black and orange are on offer.

The difference between the Rat 1 and 2 is that the Rat 1 is the larger model, boasting a 3.6 inch blade. If you need a compact pocket knife, I would recommend the Rat 2.

The Pros:

  • Very versatile
  • Affordable
  • Reliable

The Cons:

  • I would have liked to see more features on this knife, but for the price, it’s really a great bang for your buck

Ontario 8846 RAT Folding Knife (Black)

Benchmade 555HG Mini Griptilian

I love this handy little pocket knife because of its unique sheepsfoot blade that handles just about any task. It comes in with a better steel quality than the Rat pocket knives and sharpening and maintaining the edge is as easy as can be.

I tried the Axis Lock on this pocket knife and you bet it’s safe and secure!

Oh…and if you’re wondering, the Mini Griptilian is also available in an array of colors to choose from.

The Pros:

  • Comes with one of the best warranties in the history of knifedom, so you’re covered in the unlikely event that something happens to your blade
  • Benchmade produces some of the best, strongest and most durable knives out there, and the Mini Griptilian is no exception to the rule

The Cons:

  • This pocket knife will not come in on the cheap, but considering how long it’s going to last you, it will be worth every cent spent!

Benchmade 555HG Pardue Design Mini-Griptillian Plain Edge Knife

Victorinox Alox Cadet

A.K.A the Swiss Army Knife. Actually, I’m pretty sure the good old Swiss Army comes in on just about every list out there that involves all the good “must have” knives.

This is not the all-out-there version, but offers you the basic tools you might need like a spear point blade, a bottle opener, a can opener and a nail file.

There’s very little I DON’T love about the Alox Cadet, I mean it looks great, it’s hassle-free and has been trusted by many generations before me, so I know it won’t let me down.

The Pros:

  • This compact pocket knife weighs in at under 2 oz.
  • Built with durability in mind
  • The materials used for construction is virtually rust-proof and maintenance will be a breeze with this baby.

The Cons:

  • The basic version of the Swiss Army knife doesn’t have as many features as you would expect from the name
  • It’s not nearly as good looking as any of the other pocket knives I’ve mentioned here

SWISS ARMY Cadet Alox Multitool, Silver

Spyderco Squeak

Normal knife collectors call knives like the Squeak a slip-joint. For us normal folk, this means the knife doesn’t have to be locked because it relies on the back-spring to keep the knife open when you’re using it. I cannot get over the amazing visual appeal of the Squeak, and I’m sure that’s a reason why you’ll fall for it too! If you need precise control for cutting jobs and a knife that opens up easily when you need it to, you can’t go wrong with the Spyderco Squeak.

The Pros:

  • Has a great ergonomic handle
  • For the really attractive price tag, you get amazing quality steel in the blade, N690Co, which is easy to sharpen, keeps a super sharp edge and resists rust like nobody’s business.

The Cons:

  • You’ll have to get used to the cutting style of the Squeak to optimize the cutting control

Spyderco Squeak Slip It Plain Edge Knife, Pink

Kershaw Chive

I have a pink Kershaw Chive in my collection, and I must say that I feel proud to own it because it never lets me down. The knife fits my hand like a dream, and the fact that I can easily just clip it to my jeans means it’s easy to carry it around so that I can use it when and where I need it.

The Pros:

  • With SpeedSafe assisted opening, the Kershaw Chive opens up in a flash
  • The safe lock is easy and simple to use
  • Weighing in at just 1.7 oz. this knife is perfectly lightweight

The Cons:

  • The blade could have been a little longer, but considering the fact that it retains its edge so well, this compact little beauty will see you through many tough jobs

Kershaw Chive Knife

And that’s it! The knives I listed here are my top picks from some of the Best Pocket Knife Brands out there, and they all have a few things in common – durability, ease of use and manageably sized that’s suited for female hands.

Watch out for my next post where I’ll be talking about the reasons why your days of slicing troubles are drawing to an end when I introduce you to Super Sharp Kitchen Knives!

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