Wusthof Classic Knife Set with Block

Best Knife Block Set – Protecting Your Investment

Your guide to finding the best quality knife block sets

You might recall the info I shared with you regarding what the best quality kitchen knives are and the part where I shared my opinion regarding super sharp kitchen knives. You might also have noticed that none of the knives I recommended came as part of a knife block set.

Coincidence? I think not! In my honest opinion (and as heard from some of the world’s best chef’s), knife block sets don’t always come with the best quality knives, and if you want to get the best value for your money, your far better off purchasing knives as individual pieces.

While I’m not going to elaborate on the topic, I’ll just say that most knife block sets usually cone with a lot of knives you end up never using at all.

But here’s the thing:

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There ARE some perfectly legitimate reasons why someone would want to own a knife block set. Personally, I love to give good quality sets as gifts, especially to newbie cook friends of mine and couples who just recently set up a home together.

Knife block sets also look pretty cool on the kitchen top, all uniform and sleek, and I’ve got to admit that the sets just make building up a collection that much easier. You’re just going to have to settle for knives that have more than decent cutting power (although they might not be the very best chef’s knives).

What does a Knife Block Set Cost?

I’ve seen a lot of knife sets retailing for ridiculous prices, which in all honesty just isn’t worth the price. If you’re paying anything more than $350 to $400 for a set, you’re being caught by the trap and might as well just go ahead and purchase exceptional individual knives.

Okay so enough with the small talk. If you’re still reading this it means that you’re serious about buying a set, so it’s time to get serious about what your best options are. Let’s take a look…

The Best Knife Block Set You’ll Need

There can be many options for choosing best knife block set out there. You can have a look at following options.

The Overall Winner – Wusthof Classic 8 Piece Deluxe Knife Set

This set comes with an 8 inch chef’s knife, a paring knife, an 8 inch bread knife, honing steel, kitchen shears and a wooden storage block. That gives you pretty much all the tools you need in the kitchen to get started.

The Pros:

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Knives are well balanced and have ergonomic handles for superior comfort
  • Weighted bolsters on the knives give them a sturdy feel and reassure you that they were built with durability in mind

The Cons:

  • I found the 8 inch bread knife a little wanting, not being able to slice through a nice rustic loaf of bread because it falls short in length
  • It’s also not the most affordable set out there, but it’s definitely a set that will last you a lifetime!
Wusthof Classic Knife Set with Block

Wusthof Classic Knife Set with Block


The Runner Up – Henckels Twin Pro S 7 Piece Knife Set

The Henckels Twin Professional set comes in as my number 2 pick. The main reason why it’s not the winner has to be the price. It’s almost double the cost of the Wusthof, and doesn’t really offer you much more value. BUT for the brand collectors, I’d definitely recommend it. The set comes with a paring knife, a utility knife, a Santoku knife and a chef’s knife. It also comes with kitchen shears, honing steel and a visually appealing wooden knife storage block.

The Pros:

  • I love the fact that the blades on these knives are ice-hardened for extra durability
  • The synthetic full-tang handles provide a secure and comfortable grip while slicing and dicing
  • This set also comes with a lifetime warranty against defects, just like the Wusthof set.

The Cons:

  • The set comes with slots for steak knives, but nothing to fill them with, which will eventually urge you to invest in the steak knives as well
  • The price might totally put you off
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pro S 7-Piece Knife Set with Block

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pro S 7-Piece Knife Set with Block


The Bronze Medal Winner – Robert Welch

Robert Welch knives are popular for a good reason, and the great thing about this set is that the manufacturers didn’t compromise quality here just because it’s a set.

The set comes with 6 high-quality knives and a block that’s going to draw some serious attention on the kitchen counter, plus it also has a built in knife sharpener.

The Pros:

  • The super stylish black knife block looks amazing and comes with magnetic inserts to keep knives in place and protect the tips and edges
  • Comes with a 8.8 inch bread knife, 9 inch carving knife, 5.5 inch kitchen knife, 4.5 inch utility knife and 3 vegetable knives

The Cons:

  • This set doesn’t come with a chef’s knife
  • Like the Henckels set, it’s very expensive
Robert Welch Signature 8 Pc Black Knife Block Set

Robert Welch Signature 8 Pc Black Knife Block Set


The Luxury Set – Pampered Chef Bamboo Knife Block Set

The Pampered Chef knives and cookware are stunners, super functional and very reliable. Their bamboo knife set is no exception to the rule. All of the knives in the set are forged from high-carbon German steel and have super sharp edges that are stain and corrosion resistant.

The Pros:

  • The 9 piece set includes a bread knife, chef’s knife, a 5 and 7 inch Santoku knife, utility knife, boning knife, a 4 inch serrated knife, a 3 inch paring knife and 3 petite paring knives.
  • The 16 slots in the block provide enough room for you to eventually build up your entire collection
  • The feet that raise the block off a counter help to provide a stream of fresh airflow to the knives to help keep them in tip-top shape

The Cons:

  • With such a hefty price tag, I would have loved to see the inclusion of a good pair of kitchen shears with this set
The Pampered Chef Bamboo Knife Block and Knives Set

The Pampered Chef Bamboo Knife Block and Knives Set


That’s a wrap:

As you can probably see, the Wusthof Classic Knife set is, in my opinion, the best knife block set. It not only looks great, it works great too! I’d happily recommend it for the adventurous home cook that wants to spread her wings in the kitchen because this kind of quality doesn’t usually come at a price tag that’s as affordable as the Wusthof Classic 8 Piece Deluxe Knife Set!

Coming up next, I’ve got all the details you could ever need about Henckels Kitchen Shears, and I’ll also be telling you exactly why you need shears (and not just regular scissors) in the kitchen!


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