The Best Kitchen Scissors South Of The Sun

Your ultimate guide for finding and investing in the most reliable kitchen scissors out there!

It’s no secret: As a home cook, I often rely on my kitchen scissors. I’m not too sure if everyone out there is clued up on the idea, but a reliable pair of kitchen scissors can actually be one of the handiest tools you’ll ever own as a chef, whether it’s for professional or home-cooking purposes!

You might remember the post I wrote a while back about the best kitchen shears available on the market today, and if that post didn’t quite make the cut for you, I’m betting that this one just might. Today I’ll be telling you about my trials and tribulations, trying to find the best kitchen scissors, and I’m hoping that you’ll be able to use my 2-cents as some inspiration to help you make the most informed decision!

A Peek at My Top Picks

Just to give you a rough idea of what I’ll be discussing here today, here’s a list of my 5 favorite (and best performing) kitchen scissors.

  1. J.A. Henckels
  2. Wusthof
  3. OXO

Important Considerations for Kitchen Scissors

The first and most important thing that you need to keep in mind when thinking about purchasing a new kitchen scissor is the fact that they all come in different shapes and sizes, because essentially, they were all created with different purposes in mind.

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Higher-grade stainless steel scissors are great because they can be easily sharpened at home and they also take a sharper edge than other steel scissors. Furthermore, stainless-steel kitchen scissors can be used for just about any cutting task, including cutting through tough bones.

A good pair of kitchen scissors will usually include functional extras such as a built-in bottle opener. Many of the top models are also very versatile and were made with functionality in mind, sporting the ability to be operated by either left-or-right-handed cooks.

What you should be aiming to invest in is an all-purpose kitchen scissor. The tool will effortlessly help you complete a range of kitchen-related tasks. Most of my top picks for this round-up post come with molded handles. This ensures that they’re hygienic and comfortable to use over a prolonged period of time.

I always love kitchen scissors that are deemed dishwasher-safe, so make sure you look out for something like that because it makes the cleaning part of cooking that much easier!

The Best Kitchen Scissors

Without any further delay, let me tell you more about the top picks that I have for this throw down.

Number One – J.A. Henckels International Kitchen Shears

J.A. Henckels International Kitchen Shears

Okay so I’ve owned my Henckels Kitchen Shears for a number of years now, and it’s probably one purchase that I’ll never regret making. These scissors are made using high-quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel, which means that they literally have the ability to outlive a chef’s career.

The micro-serrated blade edges on this scissor ensure that I always have a non-slip cutting experience, no matter what the task at hand may be.

As far as the center of the scissor goes, it has a space which allows me to easily open bottles and caps, plus it has a serrated area as well, which comes in very handy during the nut-harvest season!

One of the top perks of the J.A. Henckels Kitchen Shears has to be its versatility. They’re also backed by a full lifetime warranty AND are completely dishwasher safe. I mean, what more could a girl want?

The Pros:

  • Made with corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Very strong and durable
  • It’s very versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications
  • Sports non-stain blades

The Cons:

  • These aren’t the cheapest kitchen scissors on the market


Number Two – Wusthof Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

Wusthof Come-Apart Kitchen Shears

Wusthof is, as most of you already know, one of my personal favorite brands when it comes to all things sharp in the kitchen. I also happen to love their Come-Apart Kitchen Shears, but one of the main reasons why I don’t own one is because they just kind of come apart way too easily for me when I’m busy with a cutting task.

I’m not sure if I love or loathe these shears for that exact reason. You see, the fact that they totally come apart means that you get to easily sharpen and clean the blades, but the fact that the come apart when they’re supposed to be united will drive me to the edge of nuts and back again!

One cool feature about this pair of kitchen scissors is the fact that it can be used by left and right handed cooks, and oh, it has a cool bottle-opener in the center of the handles.

The Pros:

  • Comes apart easily for sharpening and cleaning purposes
  • Very functional
  • Blades take a very sharp edge when sharpened

The Cons:

  • The unit comes apart too easily when cutting
  • The blades come apart at 95 degrees, which might be an issue for some folks.

Number Three – OXO Good Grips Kitchen Scissors

OXO Good Grips Kitchen Scissors

The OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen & Herbs Scissors is made with hardened stainless steel, which means that they’ll take on cutting tasks involving veggies, meat, cardboard, and even twine with a smile.

I loved the cushioning pads that sit on the grips and absorb pressure from your fingers as you cut through foods. Another thing I found particularly interesting was the herb stripper fitted on the shears, I mean it’s just amazing how effectively it gets rid of stems from fresh herbs!

I had this great idea about starting my very own veggie patch while trying out this pair of scissors, and when you look at its charming design and sophisticated details, it just paints an immediate mental image about a house on a prairie somewhere!

I wouldn’t use these to actually cut through the bone of meat I’m cutting up, but I reckon that it should be a fine fit for most other cooking purposes.

The Pros:

  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Comes with pressure-absorbing cushioning pads for added comfort
  • The blades separate easily for quick cleaning and sharpening

The Cons:

  • These aren’t nearly as versatile as most of my other picks
  • Mostly made with veggies in mind

And The Winner Is…

Well, I think that it’s pretty clear to see that I will always stick with my J.A. Henckels International Kitchen Shears when it comes to my preferred kitchen scissors.

If you’re anything like me and you’re keen on investing in a pair of kitchen scissors, you couldn’t possibly go wrong with opting for something like the Henckels Kitchen Scissors.

Once you’ve seen how big an impact the right pair of kitchen scissors can have on your cooking adventures, there’s just no going back. In the buyer’s guide I just provided you with (yes, that’s what it’s called these days), I discussed a few different types of kitchen scissors available on the market today.

The golden rule for picking a tool that’s going to do what you need it to do is that you need to preempt the kind of tasks that you’ll be putting it up to. You need to find a rocking pair of kitchen scissors that will address your every need in the kitchen, not just a small part thereof.

It’s important to emphasize the need to find shears that are made from the highest quality materials. This is going to greatly assist you when it comes to tough jobs that require durability and high performance. The top rated shears that we mentioned above are guaranteed to get the job done right, and they’re also going to stand the test of time. These highly rated shears are also comfortable to hold, and give you a firm grip.

Final Thoughts

After having read through my top 3 picks for best kitchen scissors, I hope that you’re now armed with the information you’ll need to make the best decision regarding the purchase of your new kitchen tool!

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