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Best Hunting Knife To Take With You In The Woods

When you’re in the great outdoors there are a few essentials that you need to make life easier and worse comes to worse, save your life. What you need is a reliable, versatile and easy to wear hunting knife that can assist you with cutting and skinning.

A great knife is the essential part of any outdoor enthusiast’s travel pack. Problem is, there are so many varieties out there that one often struggles to find a good quality knife that won’t break the bank. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular knives on the market to narrow down your search.

Buying Guide for the best Hunting Knife:

1. Tactical Hunting Survival Knife

Tactical Hunting Survival Knife

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This heavy duty knife is perfect for the hunter looking to add another piece to his collection. The 10 inch knife weighing in at 8 ounces will barely take up space in your travel pack and can easily be attached to your belt by the belt hook on the pouch.

It sports a gut hook as well as Saw teeth on the backend of the blade for getting just about any task done. It’s a full tang knife which means it won’t fall apart and it’s very sturdy. The cost is relatively cheap and you’ll be surprised by how well this knifes tackles tasks compared to other models in the same price range.

2. Survivor Outdoor Fixed Blade Hunting Knife with Fire Starter

Survivor Outdoor Fixed Blade Hunting Knife with Fire Starter


This knife really is a great addition to every collector’s inventory. The fact that it comes with a fire starter which makes it a great survival tool and definitely something that you should have on hand while in the outdoors. The thick cord wrap handle ensures that you’ll have a good grip on the knife and the full tang stainless steel blade won’t let you down.

Measuring just 7 inches, this knife is very easy to carry along on expeditions and will surely prove to be a valuable and reliable friend.

3. 9 inch Tactical Hunting Survival Knife

9" Tactical Hunting Survival Knife Skinner Gut Hook Fixed Blade + Nylon Sheath MH-H079


This knife has an incredibly sharp 4.5 inch stainless steel blade that makes cutting and skinning an effortless job. The 4.5 inch Pakkawood handle has a sturdy grip and has beautiful finishes. The knife is really well balanced and the fact that it has a belt loop on the pouch makes it so much easier to take with you anywhere you go.

The tip of the blade has a very sharp serrated edge that makes cutting through tough materials like bones very easy.  With its robust design and great performance this knife is definitely among the best hunting essentials out there.

4. Elk Ridge Hunting Knife Set

Elk Ridge ER-300CA Hunting Knife Set 7-Inch/6.5-Inch Overall


Both knives in this set is extremely durable, razor sharp and light weight, making them an absolute essential to any hunting expedition. It comes with a nylon sheath although some customers have reported that these knives are so sharp they’ll cut straight through the sheath.

It makes for the perfect gift and you really will want to spoil yourself with this one. Skinning, cutting and gutting become tasks that hardly seem like work at all when you’re armed with this set. It has an attractive price too and for the amount of work it will do straight out of the box, you’ll stunned by the quality.

5. Mini Hinting Surgical Steel Saw back Hunting Survival Knife

Mini Hinting Surgical Steel Saw back Hunting Survival Knife


This little knife has some potent action and really is the best little piece of hard working steel you can carry along with you without even noticing the weight of it. It’s essentially a survival kit and the pommel includes a watertight O-ring and a compass. What’s also inside are 3 matches, a striker, a fish hook & line, a needle and thread, and a durable nylon sheath that has a belt loop.

The surgical steel of the blade makes it super sharp and it can handle just about any task.

Armed with this 9 inch survival knife you might well consider yourself sorted when it comes to getting things done in the woods.

If we had to point you in the direction of one specific knife it would definitely be the Tactical Hunting Survival Knife. It’s bound to help you get out of any sticky situation and makes skinning and cutting through tough materials a breeze.

The gut hook and the saw teeth are two great features to this knife that just adds to the attractiveness. It is definitely one of the best gut hook hunting knife that we recommend. Which a price that’s this affordable you’ll really want to add this bad boy to your collection.

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