Chef's Choice 632 International Gourmet VariTilt Electric Food Slicer

The Best Home Meat Slicer – Here’s What You Need To Know

We’ve already covered carving knives, so let’s narrow things down with a look at some of the best home meat slicers out there.

Here’s the deal:

I’m a guy. Guys don’t like shopping right? I’ve got a bunch of family coming over for a fancy “cold meats and cheese evening” my wife planned.

Next thing I know, she sends me off to the store to go buy her fancy sliced meats and cheeses. I grin and get in the car.

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I come home with the ultimate answer to my pet-peeve for shopping…A MEAT SLICER.

Okay so she wasn’t too happy with me because I ended up not getting the damn cheese and meat slices, but hey, guess who never has to “pop out” to the store for cold meat slices again?

Yes baby! And now I can spend my time on things I’d rather do like sharpening hunting knives or just watching  a game while she faffs about in the kitchen.

I won’t lie:

Meat slicers are NOT cheap, and they require quite a considerable amount of savings, but man is it worth it! They also take up a lot of counter space in the kitchen, so you really should ensure that you have enough space for it.

What Makes the Best Meat Slicer? 

Well, I had actually done some research on the topic before just jumping in head-over-heels and splurging on best meat slicer out there. There’s a lot that you need to take into consideration before you make the purchase.

  • Your slicer has to be able to handle both thick and thin cutting like ham, pepperoni, cucumbers, bell peppers, mozzarella cheese and even artisan bread.
  • You also want it to produce nice and even cuts
  • You’re going to want to invest in a slicer that’s easy to use and also has the required safety measures in place
  • For home use, a 7 or 7.5 inch blade is going to be more than sufficient
  • Higher power models are always the better option, so stick to whatever you can afford
  • After the work is done, you’ll want to be able to easily and quickly clean up the machine
  • And lastly, you need to invest in a meat slicer that comes with a solid warranty and customer support

Okay great, so now that the small talk is out of the way, let’s get to the real reason you’re still reading. I tested a couple of meat slicers out before making my purchase, so I’ve lined them all up here to give you the advantage of being able to tell the best from the rest.

The Best Home Meat Slicer That You Can Use

The Splurge Meat Slicer – Chef’s Choice 632 International Gourmet VariTilt

This is the meat slicer that I use at home, and I have to say that it simply never fails me. It’s the most expensive of the lot, but I would definitely make the same purchase if I had the opportunity to do it all over again. For the “home use market” tool, this slicer really feels like it can easily handle professional tasks on a daily basis.

The Pros:

  • I really appreciate the sleek cantilever design
  • It has a tilted foot carriage that makes slicing super easy

The Cons:

  • Cleanup is a lengthy process with the Chef’s Choice 632
  • It’s expensive
Chef's Choice 632 International Gourmet VariTilt Electric Food Slicer

Chef’s Choice 632 International Gourmet VariTilt Electric Food Slicer


The Tiny Meat Slicer – Kalorik Meat Slicer

When I first handled this slicer it felt kind of flimsy in my hands, but much to my surprise it was anything but! Its smaller size and attractive price tag makes this slicer a family friend and a reliable one at that too!

The Pros:

  • This slicer comes standard with a serrated blade and a 1 year guarantee
  • You can get it in 3 very cool looking retro colors; red oxide, black and brushed steel
  • I loved it smaller size compared to other slicers because it doesn’t take up so much space yet can still get the job done with ease thanks to the 200 Watt engine. 

The Cons:

  • If you purchase the optional smooth blade you might have a hard time slicing through chilled raw meat
  • This slicer is only good for small family meal preps, unless you want to battle with it
Kalorik 200-Watt Electric Meat Slicer with 7.5" Blade, Red Metallic

Kalorik 200-Watt Electric Meat Slicer with 7.5″ Blade, Red Metallic


The Mid-Range Slicer – EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice Premium

Coming in at a very affordable price for its capabilities, the EdgeCraft Chef’s Choice Premium gives you the best of both worlds. You won’t have to invest oodles of cash but you’ll still get a solid tool that’s going to tackle just about anything you throw at it. This might not be a commercial meat slicer, but that doesn’t stop the Premium 610 from thinking it is!

The Pros:

  • This slicer’s performance is truly magnificent
  • The ease and speed of the cleanup process of this slicer is just unbeatable
  • The blade is gear driven instead of belt driven, so there’s no chance of blade slips

The Cons:

  • The fitted serrated blade that the slicer comes with is just terrible at slicing cold meats, and I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing the smooth blade too
EdgeCraft 610 Chef's Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer

EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer


The Budget Meat Slicer – Weston Heavy Duty 9 Inch Food Slicer

Depending on whether or not you can deal with the quirks of the 61-0901-W from Weston, this might well be one of the cheapest yet efficient tools you ever purchase.

The Pros:

  • This slicer is heavy and solid and won’t move around while you’re using it
  • For what you pay you get a pretty solid little slicer that can easily tackle slicing ham and cheeses
  • It’s a budget buy! 

The Cons:

  • I found that the 150 Watt motor is somewhat slow and rather noisy too
  • The name is a far fetch from reality, and this is definitely NOT a professional Deli Slicer, but then again, what more could you expect from the price?
  • The slicer will not come apart for easy storage, so it takes up a lot of space all of the time. Oh and there’s also cleaning that’s a major issue with the ‘solid’ state of this slicer
Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Food 9-Inch Slicer

Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Food 9-Inch Slicer


So there you have it…4 of the best home meat slicers out there. The best part is that 3 of them show you that you don’t necessarily need to rob a bank just to buy in on a great tool.

Make sure to check back in with me soon when I’ll be talking about the best sharpening steels out there and why you need one to begin with.

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