Best Home Knife Sharpener

Best Home Knife Sharpener: Learn What Matters

If you are running a kitchen, be that of a commercial dining or your home, from time to time you would come across the need of a knife sharpener. This is a tool that renews your knives- one of the most important kitchen tools. Now think of a different scenario. Suppose you are a knife aficionado and possess an archive of knives, you may want to sharpen up from time to time. That too is a time when you need a knife sharpener.

Plenty of knife sharpeners are out there. Some may advice you to use a sharpening stone, some may tell you to use manual knife sharpener- a sharpening stone packaged in a mold that it becomes easier to sharpen a knife. But are you looking for a knife sharpener that is easier to use, is more efficient and obviously much safer? Then you should be looking for an electric knife sharpener.

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Even though there is little doubt that electric knife sharpener is the best knife sharpener available when it comes to sharpening knife fast and safely, there are plenty of things to know before you buy one. There are high quality ones, there are cheap ones. There are ones made for commercial use and there are ones made for home use. You must know about these in detail in order to pick the best knife sharpener for you.

Size & Weight   

A typical commercial use knife sharpener can weigh up to 4.5 pounds. Small electric knife sharpeners intended for home use only, weigh less than a pound models are available which are only as heavy as 1.4 ounce (0.15 pounds). Commercial ones are a bit bigger in size. If you want to have a mobile electric knife sharpeners then go for smaller home use models which have little in features but will do the job regardless.

Best Knife Sharpener


Basically each knife sharpeners are sharpening stones packaged in a way to make them easy to use. You really need to have the best stone to have the best knife sharpener.  Electric knife sharpeners may feature a wide range of stones and blades. Diamond wheels, sapphirite wheels and carbide blades are pretty common. Check out our knife sharpener stone guide.

What it does

Not all knife sharpeners are made for the same purpose. Some can hone the edges after the sharpening while some cannot do that. Some have multiple platforms for knives to be set in different angles and get the best possible sharpening. Some can run for hours in a day while some will not sustain under overuse. Always remember that the best knife sharpener for you is the one which matches your needs. You never need the one with most features if you do not need some of its features at all.

Ease of Use

The reason why people would choose electric knife sharpeners before manual knife sharpeners is that electric knife sharpeners are easy to use. Unfortunately, not all sharpeners will fulfill the criterion. Be sure to check if the grip of the sharpener and the knife position are comfortable for you. Otherwise you would not enjoy using it and curse me for suggesting!


Price is always a big consideration. While those with more features and made by well-known companies or brands are supposed to be priced higher, this is not always the case. Be sure to take a look around in the market and compare between models to learn what you are getting.

Why Knives Become Dull

A typical misconception is that the sharp, pointed edge of the knife wears away over time, leaving a thicker and blunter cutting edge. Actually, the edge of the knife actually folds, somewhat like an ocean wave curls at the top. Although these changes may be invisible to the naked eye, what this means is that over time, one is actually cutting with only one side of the blade, so it becomes apparent why this seems so difficult.

Testing Knives for Sharpness

The best test of sharpness is to slice a tomato using the knife. Any knife could be able to simply penetrate the tomato skin and slice right through without any effort. When there is some uncertainty or grip on the knife blade, it is time to hone, and if that does not correct the problem, an actual sharpening may be in order.


It’s essential to maintain all knives well-sharpened for safety’s sake and also to facilitate kitchen chores. There are a lot of choices for knife sharpeners, including stone, steel, ceramic, and electric versions. Each one functions slightly differently, so it is important to find out what each one does and how one can use each tool properly and safely. Understanding the difference between honing and sharpening can help anyone maintain their knives completely sharp, straight, and efficient. Environmentalists may prefer the natural stone sharpeners, while someone who cooks frequently may prefer the ease of using an electric version. Whatever kind of sharpener is chosen, it should be used in a correct manner to prolong the life of the knife and keep the user safe. Instruction manuals are important, but users may also find it helpful to watch how-to videos until they get the knack for sharpening and honing. In any case, keeping knives sharp and ready to use facilitates and speeds up food prep time and makes working in the kitchen a much more pleasant task.

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