The Best Fixed Blade Survival Knife To Carry In The Wild

Hi, it’s your favorite hunter John again, back with another action packed discussion.  This time we are delving into a search for the best fixed blade survival knife.  People are always asking me knife related questions like “what is the the best survival knife in the world” or “What’s the best fixed blade survival knife to use in the wild?”.

Now I should mention that my answers are based on my experiences as a hunter and overall woodsman.  I think that this is important to mention because I did receive some flak from people who thought I jilted folding survival knives a bit in my last section.  People, look, I know there are some totally kick-butt folding knives out there, but for the average hunter, its going to be hard to deny the advantages of a fixed blade survival knife.

Why You Need a Fixed Blade Survival Knife

Any true woodsman knows that nature, although beautiful, can quickly turn into life and death situation.  When you are out there alone, in the wild, you need to have the proper tools to survive.  A fixed blade survival knife is designed to handle the rugged use and harsh outdoor conditions you encounter.

I would never consider going into the wild without my trusted fixed blade survival knife.  I use it for everything from cutting twine to carving tent stakes and everything in between.  Yes, I do realize this type of blade is much longer than its folding counterparts.  This is why I always ensure my fixed blade survival knife has a comfortable sheath, that allows me quick and easy access to my blade when I need it.  I mean, you never really know when you may have to battle a bear over your fresh catch.

Fixed Blade Survival Knife – What Makes a Good One

As you probably guessed, the blade makes a fixed blade survival knife so effective.  This type of knife can do almost anything.  Seriously, I use my survival knife daily to split wood, assist in first aid, fire making, hunting, hammering, and even as a screwdriver.

When it comes to survival knives, I would try to stay around a 6″ blade.  You don’t really need anything too much bigger than this.  The best survival knives are all full tang construction.  This means the blade extends completely through the handle.  This gives you a solid knife that is also very well balanced.

Fixed Blade Survival Knife – Different Blade Configurations

There are a couple different blade variations to consider and depending on your intended use, you may find one better suited for your particular needs.  The three most common blade configurations are

Single Edge – This style of blade allows you to have more precision in your cuts.  This is because you can place your thumb along the back of the blade to apply added pressure.  This allows you to cut slower and with more accuracy.  This disadvantage of this type of blade is its limited use and the fact that in a life and death situation only one-half of the blade is effective.

Double Edge – This style of blade allows you to change the direction of your cut without changing your grip.  Double edged blades are usually lighter than their single bladed counterparts and they are far more effective when used in hunting or self-defense scenarios.  The disadvantage to this style of survival knife is a weaker blade and an increased chance of cutting yourself.

Single Edge Serrated – This is my favorite type of blade because it gives you so much more functionality.  When I’m out there in the wild alone, I don’t always have all my tools on me.  This type of blade can be a life saver because a serrated blade can also function as a saw to cut wood, bone, or pretty much anything else your heart desires.  The main disadvantage of a serrated blade is the fact that it is very hard to sharpen, once it becomes dull.

The Fixed Blade Survival Knife Guide – Top Uses

  • Cutting/Slicing
  • Fire Making
  • Make-Shift Screwdriver
  • First Aid Tool
  • Hammering
  • Splitting
  • Prying Tool
  • Signaling
  • Self-Defense
  • Food Prep
  • Shelter Building
  • Digging
  • Hunting Weapon

Manufacturers have taken notice to the high demand for a reliable fixed blade survival knife.

I think the last time I checked, there were about ten pages of manufacturers all claiming to have created the “Excalibur” of survival knives.  Being the great guy that I am, I decided to narrow these endless options down to the 5 best survival knives I have used personally.

The Best Fixed Blade Survival Knife – 5 Knives You Should Know


Gerber LMF II

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife, Black

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife, Black


The Gerber LMF II continues to remain one of the top-selling survival knives in recent history.  Gerber is based out of Portland, Oregon and they have been a major contender in the survival knife market for over 80 years.  The lightweight but durable construction gives this blade it’s world renown reputation, as one of the most reliable fixed blade knives on the market today.


Gerber has integrated a sharpener directly into the sheath of this knife to help you keep your blade in pristine condition.  I think they did this also to compensate for the fact that this blade can become dull quickly.  The black-oxide coating helps keep this knife protected from the elements while also reducing its visual signature.  This can come in handy if you are using this blade for your hunting spear tip.


  • Extra Durable Steel
  • Lightweight
  • Serrated Edge
  • Multi-purpose sheath


  • Blade Dulling
  • Heavy
  • Inexpensive

This is the perfect survival knife for experts and newbies alike.  The LMF II is a great knife for camping, hunting, hiking, and even military use.  If you desire a knife that has been through the gauntlet and stood the test of time, the LMF II is a smart choice.

ESEE 6P-B Plain Edge

ESEE 6P-B Plain Edge Fixed Blade Survival Knife with Grey Micarta Handle

ESEE 6P-B Plain Edge Fixed Blade Survival Knife with Grey Micarta Handle


The 6P-B Plain Edge comes with a 6.50″ powder coated single-edged  blade that is designed to withstand the heavy wear and tear of the elements.  I love the way this blade feels in my hand, the manufacturer did a great job on the ergonomics of this unit.  I was impressed with the durability of this low-cost blade.

I bought this knife to replace my trusted Morankniv Companion.  I wanted something with a little more length that I could abuse without blowing my budget out the window.  Let me just tell you this blade delivers as promised.  The grind angle of 20 degrees gives you added accuracy when slicing.  The blade is made out of 1095 steel, so it is extremely durable.


  • 1095 Steel Blade
  • 20 Degree Grind Angle
  • Strong Sheath
  • Micarta Handle Adds Durability
  • Thumb Jimping


  • Large Size (may be too big for some people)

I would tell anyone to consider picking one of these survival knives up.  The blade is not serrated, so it is not going to be much help to you if sawing is required, but this blade is built to last, and you are sure to have this knife by your side for years to come.

CDS-Survival MOVA-58

CDS-Survival MOVA-58 Stainless Steel Outdoor, Survival, Hunting Knife with Leather Multi-positioned Sheath

CDS-Survival MOVA-58 Stainless Steel Outdoor, Survival, Hunting Knife with Leather Multi-positioned Sheath


The CDS-Survival MOVA-58 comes with a 5.7″ Molybdenum-Vanadium Stainless Steel blade that can cut through almost anything with ease.  These bad boys are handcrafted in Spain and you can feel the added quality as soon as you place this blade in your hand.  This is one well-constructed fixed blade survival knife.


The sheath is very rugged, and it includes a sharpening stone and ferro rod.  The red inlay along the tang adds to the overall styling of this blade.  I felt this blade was well balanced.  It is a little bit thicker many competitors’ blades, but the overall weight is still very manageable.  A small indentation allows you to choke up on the blade for added precision.


  • Micarta Handle
  • Handmade
  • Molybdenum-Vanadium Stainless Steel Blade
  • Leather Sheath


  • Blade Dulling
  • Button Strap on Sheath Very Tight

This really is a great knife.  It has the weight, and feel, that I look for in a fixed blade survival knife.  The 90-degree blade spine allows you to get a great shower of sparks when you are using the included ferro rod.  I did find the head of the ferro rod to be a little large for the rod loop but I stretched it a little bit and it got the rod deep enough into the loop for it to work.  If you need a survival knife that can handle the dirty work, look no further.

Buck Knives 65 Hood Punk

Buck Knives 65 Hood Punk Fixed Blade Survival Knife with Sheath

Buck Knives 65 Hood Punk Fixed Blade Survival Knife with Sheath


The Buck Knives 65 Hood Punk is another great design from the mind of Ron Hood.  I really like the look of this knife.  When I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  This knife has a great weight to size ratio.  The jimping has been removed and a nice thumb ramp has been added.  I think this was a smart choice and it definitely added to the ergonomics of this blade.

The sheath is very well built and it has an extra pocket on the front that can be used to carry other useful items you may want to have handy.  The buttons are heavy duty so you don’t have to worry about this blade getting loose on you.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Deep Finger Groove
  • Quality Construction


  • Large Sheath

I really was impressed by how sharp this blade comes out the box.  This powder coating is very durable and  it can take a beating.  Obviously, if you are chopping wood, it will slowly wear off, but overall; it is a very durable coating.  The handle is comfortable and there is SMS (shock mitigation system) that is incorporated into the design.  You will see SMS material sandwiched between the blade and handles like a red cushion.  I love the feel and the overall functionality this blade brings to the table.  If you are considering a new fixed blade survival knife don’t forget the Buck Knives 65 Hood Punk.

Fallkniven A1

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Fixed Blade Knife, 6.375in, Satin Spear Point Blade

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Fixed Blade Knife, 6.375in, Satin Spear Point Blade


The Fallkniven A1 is one of my all time favorite mid-weight survival knives, and in my humble opinion, the best fixed blade survival knife around.  The 6.3″ VG-10 Stainless Steel blade arrives razor sharp from the manufacturer.  Few knives compare to the Fallkniven A1’s perfect size to weight ratio.  I know it seems like I am constantly singing the praises of this blade but I really can’t find a better stainless steel survival knife out there.


This highly capable knife outperforms the competition in almost every category.  The shock resistant handle allows you to chop branches and logs with greater control and less fatigue.  I mean, I don’t even have to bring my ax with me when I’m packing my Fallkniven A1.  The convex blade design definitely adds to the overall strength and durability of this fixed blade survival knife.


  • VG-10 Stainless Steel
  • Satin Spear Point Blade
  • Kraton Handle


  • Large Sheath

No matter where I’m at in the wild, you can bet my Fallkniven A1 is right next to me.  This little guy has been with me through thick and thin.  The flawless grind produces an ultra-sharp edge that is capable of cutting anything you put in its path.  All this added quality does push the price tag up a bit, but when quality is king, you can’t go wrong with this blade.

Final Thoughts:

Every situation is different and you may find a particular style of fixed blade survival knife, better suited for your needs.  I hope this helps you to take some of the guessing game out of your search and be sure to check in again soon, I got some great reviews coming out that are sure to give you the insiders scoop on all your favorite knives.


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