Best Electric Wet Stone Knife Sharpener

Best Electric Wet Stone Knife Sharpener

We all have basic knife sharpening tools in our kitchens to help us keep our cutting tools in tip top shape. There’s the wet stone sharpeners for general sharpening, the honing steel to maintain edges and then there are times when you just need the professionals to do the work for you. Not anymore though. With the help of a good electric wet stone sharpener you could be outing the power back into your own hands.

Electric wet stone sharpeners generally all work the same. There’s a spinning grinding stone that is aligned at precisely the right angle for your type of blade and then there’s a water reservoir that continuously runs water over the area to ensure the most precise effects that leave your blade razor sharp.

If you feel like you need some professional quality but would like to take matters into your own hands, you might want to consider buying an electric machine.

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List of Popular Electric Wet Stone Knife Sharpener

Here are some of the most popular electric wet stone sharpeners makes you’ll be able to get your hands on:

1. Makita Horizontal Wheel Wet Blade Sharpener

This machine’s 7-inch aluminum-oxide wheel gives you razor sharp blades in no time at all. Its light weight and portable and can be used for blades up to 15-inches long. The 1000 grit stone delivers just the right amount of polishing and sharpening to make your blades look like new again.

One of the best features about this machine is the fact that it allows you to flat grind the blade edges, which will ensure your blade stays as strong and durable for as long as you give it some good old TLC.

Makita 9820-2 1.1 amp Horizontal Wheel Wet Blade Sharpener


2. Jet Slow Speed Wet Stone Sharpener

The Jet electric sharpener works on all blades and can be used for sharpening chisels and axe blades among many other. The results you get from this machine are really good, except for the fact that some customers have in the past reported that it some plastic bushings that came loose after a relative period of use.

If you intend to use this in your home setup then it’s the perfect choice and you’ll be happy to know that you are able to control the speed at which the stone sharpens the blade. It has 10 different speed settings and gives you more control over the results.

Slow Speed Wet Sharpener


3. Tormek T7 Wet Stone Sharpening System

Now this machine right here, it was built to last. The 10 inch grinding stone gets the toughest jobs done in no time at all. It has been designed for industrial use and can run continuously without overeating.

It comes with a 200 grit grinding surface that’s fully interchangeable, and as most loyal and returning customers of Tormek would say, using a Japanese Whetstone when it comes to sharpening super fine blades will give you even better results with this machine.

It’s the ultimate work horse when it comes to getting your blades restored and looking like new. What’s great about this grinder is its durability. It seems like this one was built to last a lifetime.

Tormek T7


All of the sharpeners that are listed here have great functions and what results you get will vary greatly depending on your experience in working with the machine. But there’s just something seriously exciting about finding a great product that performs in the way you expect it to, and surpasses your original ideas about what you thought you would be able to do with it.

So in conclusion, when I have to recommend one of these products as the absolute best, the Tormek T7 wins hands down. This is probably one of the best examples of precision sharpening at super-fast speeds with an engine that was built for industrial use.

Yes it is expensive, but you have to look at it as an investment. You could either buy a really stunning product at higher than normal price and get the very best results time and again, or buy something more mediocre and get less-than great results.

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