The Best Alternatives To The Cuisinart Knife Block

Guiding you through the different knife blocks that are suitable to use with Cuisinart knives 

Okay so I just want to share something with you.

About two weeks ago, a lady called Lana popped me a mail and here’s what she wanted to know:

Hi Mary! Quick question. I recently got a Cuisinart Ceramic Knife Set for my birthday but the darn knives just come in a plastic gift box and no block. Could you recommend some great knife blocks that I could use to store my knives in?”

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That’s actually a really great question. Why? Well because most Cuisinart knives either come as part of a knife block set or they come in sets without a storage block, which leaves you wondering what the heck to do with your knives.

I’m assuming that you really don’t want or need to buy another pair of knives, which kind of puts you between a rock and a hard place, because let’s face it: Cuisinart knife blocks without any knives inside it isn’t something you find every day .


There’s only 1 Cuisinart knife block that comes as a standalone (very empty) model –

Cuisinart Knife Block

The Cuisinart Classic Cutlery Knife Block

Boasting 11 knife slots (6 for steak knives and 5 for the bigger kitchen knives) plus a slot for a honing steel and a shear slot, it’s a pretty basic wooden knife block

Cuisinart Classic Cutlery Knife Block

Cuisinart Classic Cutlery Knife Block


This kind of creates a problem. I’ve already told you what the best Cuisinart Knife Block Set is and what the best Cuisinart Cutlery Set looks like and now it’s time to show you what alternative knife block to use for Cuisinart knives.

Great Knife Blocks for your Cuisinart Knives

Number One – Zelancio Universal Wood Knife Holder

Okay so I love the Zelancio Universal Knife Holder because it allows you to conveniently store all your knives anywhere inside the box with no slots. The food-grade flexible rubber brushes on the inside of the block means your knives won’t get chipped or dull out while they’re not in use and since the block comes with two space saving tiers, it’s the perfect fit for most of your go-to kitchen knives.

This block will hold knives with blades up to 8 inches long in its top tier and blades of up to 5 inches long in the bottom tier (essentially your steak knives). If the block gets messy for any reason, just take out the rubber insert and chug it in the machine to get it nice and clean again. Overall, this stylish knife holder with its sleek black wood finish looks great and does exactly what it was intended to do.

The Pros:

  • It’s a universal knife block, so it WILL accommodate your Cuisinart knives
  • The rubber interior is fully machine washable
  • It’s pretty durable

The Cons:

  • The bottom tier sports bristles that aren’t as tight as they need to be and the corners have zero coverage
  • There’s a little too much wiggle room inside the block to my liking
Zelancio Universal Wood Knife Holder

Zelancio Universal Wood Knife Holder


Number Two – Kuhn Rikon Knife Block

This Swiss engineered clear knife storage box looks so cool and I love it for its versatility. As far as space, this knife block takes up the least amount of space on your kitchen counter and the fact that it will store up to 14 knives is really great. I like how I could clearly see all of my knives, the block was a nice showcase piece PLUS it comes with an amazingly affordable price tag too!

The Pros:

  • The Kuhn Rikon Knife Block will accommodate blades of up to 9 inches in length, which is much better than some of the competition out there
  • The block is very easy to clean
  • It’s a great way of actively displaying your knives
  • It has an impressive capacity while maintaining a slim profile look 

The Cons:

  • It’s a very lightweight block, so it can tip over if you don’t balance things out in there
  • The shortest of knives don’t fit into the block as securely as a chef’s knife does for example
Kuhn Rikon Knife Block, Clear

Kuhn Rikon Knife Block, Clear



Number Three – SimPrium Red Universal Cylinder Knife Block

If you’re big on the attraction factor, the SimPrium Red Universal Cylinder Knife Block is right up your alley. With space to store up to 12 knives at a time and its really low profile, I can’t think of a kitchen that wouldn’t love this knife block as a new family member.

Its very lightweight (thanks to the polypropylene materials) plus the TPR coating gives the block that elegant look. The modern design is very appealing and offers you an innovative and functional storage solution for your Cuisinart Knives. The best part? It comes with a lifetime warranty!

The Pros:

  • It looks great
  • It’s universal and will store up to 12 knives
  • It’s affordable

The Cons:

  • This block is slippery and I would have loved to see some non-slip feet to keep it in one place on the counter
SimPrium - Red Universal Cylinder Knife Block

SimPrium – Red Universal Cylinder Knife Block



Final Thoughts

I’ve shown you 3 great Cuisinart Knife Block Alternatives and I really hope that this has opened you up to considering universal knife blocks for storing your kitchen knives while they’re not in use.

Coming up next, I’ll show you the best Cuisinart Cutlery Set before moving on to my review of a very popular Cuisinart Stainless Steel Knife Set and finally a whopper Cuisinart Cutlery Knives Review.

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